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What are truck games?

Think all driving games are made equal? Think again! You’ve not experienced simulated driving fun until you’ve pulled on a trucker cap and gotten behind the virtual wheel of an 18-wheeler, a dump truck or better still, a world-famous monster truck. Ripping up some tarmac, mud or a race course in an oversized vehicle is so much more fun and adventurous than meandering along in a car. Also, it takes a driver of a whole different level to navigate tricky terrains and tight corners in something large and unwieldy. That could be you, if you take a look at our selection of truck games and test your mettle today. You might think you’ve played driving obstacle games before, but until you’ve thrown a digger or dump truck around a dangerous construction site, you don’t know how different and exhilarating they can be – and that’s before you start trying to avoid jackknifing your articulated lorry on the freeway! Of course, you can take things a little easier if you like and focus on delivering your cargo safe and sound, without making it into a race at all but with simple-to-master controls, you’ll soon be whizzing around and driving circles around everyone else in the game. All of our truck games are offered in HTML5 format, ensuring that any browser and device will give you access to uninterrupted gaming fun. We don’t ask you to pay to enjoy our games either, so you can take advantage of a large number of totally free, unblocked trucking adventures, with no fear of an impending bill.
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