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What are Shooting Games?

For what seems like forever, video games have involved some kind of shooting mechanic. Whether it’s the ultra-realistic gunplay of the Arma series or the more light-hearted fun of Splatoon, shooting games are difficult to escape. In this part of the site, you’ll find a range of shooting games that have made their way to the HTML5 format. Each is free to play and unblocked, and you’ll be able to enjoy them on any device equipped with a web browser.If you take a look back through gaming history, you’ll find many of the most influential releases don’t just feature shooting: they’re often built around it. The most famous example is Doom. Building on the success of Wolfenstein 3D, this game from id Software pitted the player against hordes of demons from hell. It was graphically stunning, and allowed enemies to attack from above and below on a truly 3D map.The success of Doom inspired a whole movement of first-person shooters which remains incredibly popular to this day. There’s plenty of variety within the genre, too: there are realistic multiplayer games like Battlefield, and there are more fast-paced ‘deathmatch’ games like the Unreal Tournament series, along with the newest reimagining of Doom itself.Where fast-paced arcade action is concerned, it’s a variant on the genre that’s had the biggest influence. Light-gun games see players use gun-shaped controllers to shoot the onscreen enemies from the real world. Time Crisis, The House of the Dead and 1984’s Duck Hunt are among the most influential shooting games ever made – and this style of games remains popular even on small-screen games. Players can simply use the touchscreen to aim, fire, and rack up high scores – even if they don’t have access to a light-gun peripheral. Things you always find in Shooting games Many of the shooting games you’ll find here fall into the first-person category. In an FPS (first-person shooter), you’ll be running around an environment with the camera showing the perspective of the character you’re controlling. Aim using the mouse, fire using the mouse buttons, and move your character using the WASD keys on the keyboard. Controls for reload, jumping, crouching, changing weapons, throwing grenades and other more specialized skills can usually be found on the buttons immediately around the WASD buttons. Other games might take a slightly different approach: there are side-scrolling shoot-em ups of the same kind you might remember from the 1990s. In these games, the action is much like it is in a 2D platform game – except that the emphasis is placed firmly on the hordes of enemies you’ll be mowing down with your impressive firepower. Whichever kind of shoot-em up you prefer, you’ll need to inflict maximum damage while avoiding taking damage yourself. That requires skill, but also strategy and patience. Part of the fun of the shoot-em up comes with the sense of progression you’ll get as you earn points, unlock new weapons and blast through enemies more easily. Just about every shooter worth mentioning includes power-ups and upgrades through which your murderous efficiency can be bolstered. More spectacular weaponry is extremely satisfying, especially when you start off with just a weedy little pistol; but the best shooters actually feature a balanced arsenal, which you’ll have to select according to the situation. Shotguns tend to be awesome at close range; sniper rifles are for distance. GamePix’s Collection of Shooting games FPS games like Shell Shockers and Krunker enjoy huge popularity, because everyone knows how they work and what great fun they are. In the former, you take the role of a gun-toting egg, and playing in teams to complete objectives while blasting the other guys. In Krunker, it’s the same story, except with a distinct pixel-art aesthetic. Zombs Royale varies the formula a little; it’s a classic battle-royale game where 100 players must compete on a shrinking map, except this time you’re looking down on the action from above, rather than from the point of view of your character. A similar experience is to be found in Build Royale, except this time players must not only shoot one another, but build up fortifications and defend their territory. In this sense, it plays a little bit like a cross between a traditional shooter and a base-building experience like Command and Conquer. In Prop Hunt, the gameplay unfolds in an office space, with the players divided into hiders and seekers. By disguising yourself you can avoid detection and force the other team to run around helplessly as you wait down the clock. Sniper Clash 3D is a more traditional three-dimensional shooter, with more than a dozen different environments to conquer and other players to battle. Unlock weapons, keep moving, and dominate every map. Alpha Guns is a side-scrolling action game in the vein of Contra or Golden Axe. Blast your way through the enemies and unlock new characters and weaponry. In Getaway Shootout, things take a wacky turn. Rather than controlling your character directly, you use the buttons to lean and jump – which makes for some hilarious results. It’s not a game for those who enjoy precision shooting, but it makes a virtue of a clunky control style and provides guaranteed laughter. Not all shooting games actually involve guns – in Bois D’arc, players take the role of a legendary archer, and instead of fending off opponents with a loaded handgun, they do so with a bow and arrow! There are three archers to choose from, and a whole range of upgrades and fortifications to invest in. There are 16 levels to get through, each offering a different castle to defend from a different pack of enemies. To succeed, spend your earnings wisely and aim carefully and quickly. It’s a game that’ll test you as much as any gun-based shooter would!
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