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What are flying games?

Back in the 1970s, both Sega and Taito released flight simulator games, paving the way for similar, graphically advanced, releases in the 1980s. Today, things have moved forward, but the legacy of games such as Taito’s Interceptor is still firmly intact and we have a selection of the best flying games for you to enjoy right here on Gamepix. Not content with just plane-flying games, you’ll find spaceships, unusual aircraft, helicopters and even animals to pilot. There are so many different scenarios and settings to enjoy that you’ll never want to come back down to earth. You can get stuck in to a dogfight in a World War or safely land a commercial passenger plane. Or perhaps your tastes run a little more galactic and you’d rather hop into a ready-and-waiting spacecraft? The sky is literally the limit when you click to pay a flying game, to the extent that you can ditch the machinery altogether and navigate obstacles with a bird. As long as you can stay in the air, avoid crashing into obstacles and land safely, you’ll be on the right track, whatever your craft. Here on Gamepix, you’ll find free and unblocked flying games to help you earn your wings, and they are all presented in HTML5, to guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy them regardless of your device type or browser choice. From WWI and WWII simulations to cutting-edge space adventures, all of our flying games have one thing in common – guaranteed fun!
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