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What are sniper games?

There can be few moments as tense and cinematic as those spent looking down the barrel of a sniper rifle. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of action shooter games contain at least one major sniper section, and it’s also partly why online shooters remain endlessly popular.But we’re not talking about games that happen to feature sniper rifles here – we’re talking about games centred around those wobbly crosshairs and that tense, pulse-pounding euphoria that can only come when it’s just you, your enemies and your trigger finger.It’s a concept that lends itself to a variety of genres and has been used in everything from arcades (the fast and furious Silent Scope series) and classic first-person shooters (Sniper Elite) to third-person adventure games (Hitman) and, of course, the pick-up-and-play action titles found right here at Gamepix.The sniper genre is one that feels at home on either a smartphone or desktop computer, as the controls are very simple – use your mouse or finger to aim and click or tap to fire. It’s a remarkably basic idea with endless potential.The list of completely free sniper games to be found running in HTML5 on Gamepix run from the silly and inventive to the serious and downright violent. Whether you’re sniping pieces of fruit or enemy combatants, however, all of the games are fully unlocked, meaning the whole game is right there for you to enjoy on any desktop or mobile browser for absolutely nothing.With the flexibility and depth of Gamepix, whether you want to snipe Nazis, zombies, or even Nazi zombies, we have a sniper game for you!
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