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The One And Only Pou

If you’re reading this then you probably already know about Pou and are looking for some fun Pou games to play. Luckily for you, this is the perfect place for that. This part of the GamePix website is all about Pou and Pou games.

Pou — The Alien, The Legend

Pou is a triangular, blobby alien character that was launched as a virtual pet back in 2012. Like all such virtual pets a lot of the “play” that you get from him is simply looking after him. Pou needs to be fed, bathed, played with, put to bed and generally taken care of. But it’s not just the chores of pet care that you take care of with Pou, it’s the joyous moments too — the everyday moments that pet owners treasure. Put simply, anything fun you can think of to do with a pet, you can do with Pou. Want to give him a haircut? Go ahead. He’ll love it. Pou loves to interact with you in all kinds of way and he’s a charming little alien. After all, you don’t get as many worldwide fans as Pou has without knowing how to make people happy!

Pou’s Roots

When you look at the amazing success of Pou now, it’s hard to believe he was invented by just one man — a young Lebanese developer who wanted to update a popular kids’ toy from the nineties. His vision for Pou was a cute game, with graphics that looked hand-drawn and a simple interface which gives a sense of progression.

When Pou’s Ancestors Walked Among Us

Pou is, of course, a virtual pet. He’s a simulation of some of the interactions that you can have with a real pet, but is completely digital with no actual sentience. Virtual pets have been popular since the very first days of video games. There’s something about the act of taking care of a creature — even a completely digital or virtual one — that you can’t help but enjoy. It’s simple, relaxing fun and very much in the “cozy gaming” tradition.

The first virtual pet wasn’t really a game at all, certainly not a video game. It was more like a toy. Released by Bandai in 1996, the Tamagotchi was a small, egg-shaped plastic casing with a small digital screen like a watch —“Tama-gotchi” means “egg-watch” in Japan, where the product is from — it was a pet sim stored on a simple device that you could fit into your pocket. It was a “digital pet” and it was a phenomenal success in the late nineties.

More Tamagotchi Than The Tamagotchi

Pou is like a Tamagotchi 2.0. In fact Paul Salameh, the creator of Pou, made the first versions as his own vision for what the Tamagotchi should have become in his view. There had been Tamagotchi apps and games after the physical toy but they had all felt quite basic and dated compared to other games and apps of the same generation.

When Pou burst onto the scene in 2012, he was different. Not only was he fun, addictive and cute in a way that previous digital pets hadn’t really mastered, but he was also very versatile! Pou offered lots of options for interaction that most virtual pets didn’t. You could find a girlfriend for Pou to meet and go out with and you could battle against other Pou owners in PvP games — with PvP in this case standing for “Pou v Pou”!

Pou also offered a rich upgrade and progression system where you could earn, buy and upgrade items for you to use with or on your Pou.

Pou, The All-Conquering!

Pou wasn’t free originally and cost a couple of dollars on the app stores. Despite not being free, Pou was downloaded over 300,000 times per day at its peak popularity around 2013, reaching the number one spot on app storefront in more than ten countries. Pou was a truly huge success.

Pou Games On GamePix

Right from the beginning, Pou was designed to play really well on mobile devices so it was only a matter of time before he was ready and waiting for you to wake him up here on Gamepix. With our Pou browser games being completely free, you can stick with Pou as he gets into trouble all around the world, while exploring countless storylines.

Pou’s world is big and there’s always something to do! If you’d like to decorate Pou’s bedroom, you can. You can join him as he flies spaceships or races other Pou. You can even get him in the kitchen to try baking. The possibilities are endless and with so many different games to choose from, you’ll never get bored of looking after your virtual pet. You can even try your hand at grandparenting, as Pou has been known to have a baby in some of his games!

Like all of our browser-based games, our Pou games work on any device and with any browser, with no need for anything to be downloaded or installed. You just choose your Pou and off you go! Enjoy!


Is the game Pou free?

Yes it is! It’s absolutely free. Gone are the days of paying to download Pou games on the app stores. Like all of our browser games here on GamePix, our Pou games are always completely free-to-play forever, so you can play for as long as you like and it won’t cost you a dime. What’s even better is that all of our Pou games work straight from your browser without you needing to update or download anything ever. Playing Pou doesn’t come much easier or more relaxing than that!

What kind of animal is Pou?

Pou is technically an alien, so not an animal at all, although he is very cute and definitely behaves a lot like an animal sometimes! Pou’s shape comes from the character in the hardware-based “Tamagotchi” toys that were very popular in the nineties. The Tamagotchi toys featured a little egg-shaped character as your digital pet and that’s probably why Pou is an egg-shaped alien!

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