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What are pou games?

If you aren’t aware of Pou and what he is about, let us introduce you. Pou is a triangular, blobby alien character that was launched as a virtual pet back in 2012. Similar to Tamagotchis, he needs to be fed, bathed, played with, put to bed and generally looked after. He can also be introduced to a girlfriend to keep him happy! Designed to be played on mobile devices, Pou became so popular that he is now ready and waiting for you to wake him up here on Gamepix – and he's bound to get into plenty of trouble and scrapes as you teach him all about the world. Put simply, anything you can think to do with a pet, you can do with Pou. Fancy giving him a haircut? Go ahead. You can look after his teeth as well but never forget to feed him, as he needs to grow into a big, strong alien, while exploring countless storylines. If you’d like to decorate Pou’s bedroom, you can do that. You can even get him in the kitchen to try baking? The possibilities are endless and with so many different games to choose from, you’ll never get bored of looking after your virtual pet. Who could get fed up of an alien creature that can fly spaceships and loves to race? You can even try your hand at grandparenting, as Pou has been known to have a baby in some of his games! Here at Gamepix, you’ll find an amazing selection of Pou games, all waiting for you to click and play thanks to being presented in HTML5. No need to pay to play, as the games are all unblocked and ready to go and you needn’t worry about having the right combination of device and browser either, as everything will work.
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