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In this section of our site you will find our amazing PJ Masks games! Into the night to save the day! If you’re already a PJ Masks fan you will recognize this catchphrase. It means that night has fallen and three regular kids have transformed into their superhero selves! With our fantastic collection of PJ Masks games you will no longer be a spectator. You too will transform into your superhero self and fight the bad guys!

What could be more exciting than solving mysteries and foiling evil plans in your pajamas? You can join PJ Masks by choosing which one of them to be! In our range of PJ Masks games it’s all about what you want to play and what you want to accomplish. From aiding helpless citizens to just fighting bad guys all day long! The choice is yours! Are you ready to join PJ Masks to save the world?

To Save the Day!

Our PJ Masks games are filled with all the superhero thrills you can expect from the TV show! These games will have you racing to catch bad guys like Night Ninja! You will also be pitted against the likes of the wily Romeo and his evil robots! Luna Girl might try to wreak havoc when you are not watching so you must always keep an eye out!

All the fun you get from watching these amazing superheroes is amplified when you actually play as them! Connor, Amaya and Greg are as cool as ever in our games! You will get to pick and choose which PJ Masks member to play as! You will get to drive their awesome superhero vehicles and use all of their inventive gadgets! Romeo may have something up his sleeve but you will be ready for anything he throws at you!

As an honorary member of PJ Masks you have to know that fighting is not always the way! In our PJ Masks games you will also be tasked with solving challenging puzzles. You must use all of your cunning and intellect! Although the challenges might be difficult it is incredibly rewarding to solve them and thwart the bad guys’ plans.

Don the Superhero Suits!

You have a big choice ahead of you now! You need to decide who your favorite character from PJ Masks is — who you want to play as first! Is it Connor, Amaya or Greg? This choice will also influence the type of PJ Masks game you play. All three are different and have different abilities. They don’t fight bad guys the same way but they are always a team when they do.

We at GamePix know this might be a difficult choice to make. Remember it is not a choice you will be tied to forever! But you might find it easier if you know which of the superheroes interest you the most. At least to start with! So we have made a list detailing the PJ Masks crew and what their games will entail.

If you are ready to don the PJ Masks suits and fight off the bad guys then take a look at this superhero list:

  • Connor/Catboy: Meet Connor! He is daring and athletic but also has more than meets the eye! Connor transforms into his superhero persona Catboy when the need arises! His superhero suit is a blue cat costume. His powers are super speed, super sensitive hearing, incredibly high jumping distance and powerful cat strikes. He also has a cool cat-car which is as fast as he is! PJ Masks games with Connor are all about speed and reaction time.
  • Amaya/Owlette: Meet Amaya! This bespectacled girl is really smart and cunning! She is also incredibly perceptive and when night falls she transforms into her superhero persona Owlette! Her costume is a red owl. Her super powers are night vision, flight, powerful gusts of wind and super feathers. In her PJ Masks games you will find yourself solving puzzles and doing lots of flying!
  • Greg/Gekko: Meet Greg! This book smart and somewhat shy kid is always looking out for his friends! When duty calls he transforms into his superhero persona Gekko! This superhero costume resembles a green lizard. His powers are super strength, invisibility, sticking to walls for climbing and super shields. In PJ Masks games with Gekko you will often be fighting bad guys and climbing tall buildings for points!

Now that you know what each PJ Masks member is about you are more than ready! All you need is to decide who your favorite character is or what kind of vehicles you want to pilot first. Our PJ Masks games are filled with fun activities like flying, tarmac-based racing, puzzle solving and of course fighting villains! Whether you want to be Owlette, Gekko or Catboy we have got you covered!

To better prepare you for these awesome games we have also made a brief list of some of the villains you will be fighting against! Are you ready to face these powerful rivals? Here they are:

  • Romeo: Be careful when facing this infamous villain! Romeo is a mad scientist who enjoys creating powerful and dangerous robots. He wants world domination and will do everything in his power to defeat the PJ Masks crew. You will see him a lot in our games!
  • Night Ninja: This villain is an incredible acrobat and martial artist! Night Ninja is powerful and resourceful. He prefers to stick to the shadows and strike when you least expect him. Better watch out! He might be right behind you!
  • Luna Girl: You are not safe from Luna Girl! She can breathe in space and is quite adept at using her magnet to strike you. You must always be on your toes when dealing with this one! She can teleport from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

PJ Masks Games on GamePix

Here at GamePix we absolutely adore PJ Masks games! And we know you do too! So that’s why all of our PJ Masks games are free and instantly accessible! There is no need for any extra downloads or extra software to enjoy these amazing games. All you need is a device with a web browser and you will be ready to be a superhero!

The best part about all our online PJ Masks games is that you get to play as the good guys! This is why these games are perfect for gamers of all ages. What’s cooler than being the good guys and fighting off evil? Nothing at all! PJ Masks games are a fantastic way to not only have lots of fun but to start your journey in this awesome superhero universe. We know you will love it!


Can adults play PJ Masks games?

Yes! Our PJ Masks games are suitable for all gamers at every age. You are never too old to fight bad guys and save the world!

Can I play as Owlette?

Yes! In fact you can play with all three members of the PJ Masks games! You can even fly as Owlette! Pretty cool, right?

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