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What are pj masks games?

PJ Masks, we're on our way. Into the night, to save the day! If you’re already a PJ Masks fan, you’ll recognise their catchphrase that means that night has fallen and three regular kids have transformed into their superhero selves to go and fight bad guys and solve mysteries. You can join them by choosing which of them to be, in a range of PJ Masks games, but which suits your personality best? Perhaps you’re a Connor, who transforms into Catboy? He has the cool cat-car, looks good in blue and has sonic hearing. He can also run super-fast, but he’s nothing without his friends, including Amaya. Transforming into Owlette, she is a vision in pink as she takes to the skies in her glider, and she has night vision, too! Finally, there’s Greg, who becomes Gekko and leaps onto his Gekko-Mobile, before scaling buildings with his super-grip. All you need to decide is who your favourite character is, or what kind of vehicles you fancy piloting. For flight games, you have to be Owlette, but for something more tarmac-based, it could be either of the two boys – just don’t forget that you’re meant to be solving puzzles and fighting villains at the same time. Working as a team, you can defeat any foes, including the dastardly Romeo, tricky Night Ninja and creepy Luna Girl. The nice thing is that because the PJ Masks are the good guys, all ages will enjoy playing as them and thanks to being offered in HTML5 formats, all of our games here at Gamepix require no extra software downloads and will work on every device and browser out there. You won’t even need to worry about payments, as our games are free to enjoy and unblocked for your convenience. All you need to do is choose your character, pull on your superhero suit and start saving the day!
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