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What are Games for Kids?

Gaming is something that people of all ages enjoy, but if you’re looking for a great game that a child will enjoy, you’ll find a varied range of suitable HTML5 games here. They’re all entirely unblocked and free to play, and since you’ll be able to play them on any device with a web browser, they’re available to everyone.For as long as children have been playing games, there have been games marketed entirely at them. These games feature colorful characters, simple mechanics, and child-friendly messages that kids are sure to appreciate.Many of the most successful games for children are actually adaptations of popular cartoon and film franchises. A good example is the Dora the Explorer series of video games based on the popular Nickelodeon show. There have been more than half-a-dozen of these games, which have seen Dora turn her hand to everything from escaping mazes to cookery.Games designed for children also tend to feature an educational component, as this tends to appeal to parents looking for toys that will help children to develop new skills and learn new lessons.Disney has joined the party by launching a number of educational titles, released under the Disney Interactive label launched in 2000, targeting children under four. There were separate games released for popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Aladdin and Winnie the Pooh. This allowed parents to choose the game according to their children’s tastes.Nowadays, the need for a high-quality gaming experience for children is more important than ever. If your children are committed gamers, then look for something that’s appropriate for them, striking the right balance between education and playability. There are countless children’s games available for free in HTML5, so the only difficulty comes from choosing the right one. Here at Gamepix, we have plenty to choose from! Things you always find in games for kids Games for kids are usually easy to pick up, and they incorporate themes that kids will understand and parents will appreciate. In some cases, they’ll provide a learning experience – but naturally, fun comes first! One quality common to all of the kids games we provide here is that they’re calming. Rather than bombarding kids with a stream of stimulation, they gently introduce simple gaming concepts in a rewarding environment. There aren’t any complex controls to remember or big, grand strategies to incorporate into your playing style. And you won’t have to manage ammunition or perfect that racing line! Games for Kids make up an important section of the catalogue, as younger gamers aren’t yet ready for some of the more mature experiences available on the internet. But that isn’t to say that the games here won’t appeal to gamers of every age. Many of them are based on popular television programmes and pop songs, but some are entirely new creations! GamePix’s Collection of games for kids Of the games that draw upon the world of popular TV, Teen Titans Go! is among the more popular. It brings together the heroes who aren’t quite popular enough to get into the Justice League, but who still make up an important part of the DC universe’s library. Then there are the games that appeal more to girls, which you’ll also find in the games for girls category. These include Fun Summer Holiday, Your Queen Destiny, and Superstar Kitty Fashion Award, which involve dressing up, applying make-up and styling hair. Games of this sort provide a plethora of options and infinite replay value, as there are more combinations of hat, shoes and earrings than could possibly be explored in a single session. Some of the games you’ll find here are a little simpler, however, with Pineapple Pen requiring only a single click of the mouse (or tap of the screen) to impale the fruit while avoiding the barriers. This is a game where your progress resets to zero after a single miss, and it’s especially important you retain your focus for as long as possible. Also in this category are music games like Piano Tiles 3. This is a rhythm-action title where players must click on the falling blocks as they approach the bottom of the screen. Each click produces a musical note, and gameplay can produce a stream of pleasant sounds – provided your timing is correct! Food games are another category that’s sure to appeal to kids, with Yummy Taco a great example. In it, young gamers are introduced to the principles of great Mexican cuisine and running a restaurant. You’ll need to cater to your customers if you want to make them happy, and that means taking their orders down and putting together the appropriate taco within the time limit. But if fixing up food is tricky, then fixing up patients in a hospital is even more challenging! That’s the aim of the game in Monster Hospital. You take the role of a doctor tasked with curing infected organs and repairing broken teeth – with the twist being that the patients are, in fact, scary monsters! If you’re looking for something a little more laid-back, take a look at Coloring Pages, which is a digital version of a real-life coloring book. Simply take your cursor and distribute colors within the lines of one of six drawings. With nine colors to choose from and an eraser available for when you make a mistake, it’s a great way to spend a few hours. Of course, all the puzzle games we have will also appeal to children, too, with ‘match 3’ jewel-swapping games particularly popular thanks to their simplicity. In Calming Lia, kids can play through more than 800 different match-three scenarios, each offering a different challenge. With colorful graphics, cute storylines, and characters kids will love, this is a game which epitomises everything there is to love about kids games – and it’s sure to appeal to kids of all ages, and adults, too!
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