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What are driving games?

If you feel the need for speed and are frustrated by staying within the speed limit on your daily commute then driving games give you the chance to put your foot down and show some real speed.From the crime-fuelled thrills of Grand Theft Auto to the incredibly detailed simulations of Gran Turismo and the cartoon mayhem of Mario Kart, the driving genre is one that has taken hundreds of tests and turns over the past few decades. Some of the very first games to hit the arcade were driving games, with Gran Trak 10 by Atari one of the very first to use an actual steering wheel. Fast forward 45 years and driving games are still one of the most popular genres with it comes to big home console releases, but it’s also come into its own as a genre on the mobile and free-to-play market, too.The power of the HTML5 platform means that the driving games on Gamepix can be played instantly on any browser and any device without needing to install anything – even Flash! When it comes to driving games, you want to get in on the action as quickly as possible, so our free and totally unblocked games offer the ideal quick fix.The best thing about our driving games is that they don’t even need to involve cars! Motorbikes, speedboats and even skateboards are all featured within our roster of titles. And, if you fancy a more sedate driving experience, we have you covered there, too.The best games are those that focus on high-octane arcade speed and we have plenty to choose from, whether you want to race sports cars across the country or battle cartoon characters in a madcap kart race.It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a steering wheel or if you’re a regular Richard Petty, you’ll be happy tearing up the tarmac and burning rubber on Gamepix.
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