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What are coloring games?

As children, one of the first things we learned to do was to color in things. It might seem like a simple thing, but there is still a certain something we get out of coloring in and it’s something that has translated perfectly into the world of gaming.There is something so simple and compelling about trying to color in something neatly. So compelling, in fact, that an entire genre of games has been created around this concept.Indeed, for many of us, our first experiences with computer gaming were with Microsoft Paint – a software program so beloved that even today, people are still finding ingenious ways to make it sing. Today, coloring games are more sophisticated, from games that ask children to color in their favourite animals to those that allow them to flex their creative muscles. You might be selecting the right color for a pony’s coat one minute then creating a dazzling mosaic of color the next.Either way, you’ll be sure to find something to keep your children entertained for an afternoon and it might even act as a gateway into gaming as a pastime for them. These are not games based on skill, but on imagination, and imagination is something that children will always find time for.On Gamepix, we proudly feature many of the very best coloring games on the market, which have been delighting smartphone players for years. Our free, unblocked titles, however, can be played natively via HTML5 on any browser and any device.So, whether you’re trying to waste some time waiting for a conference call at your desktop computer or are trying to relive your childhood fascination with coloring on the bus on your laptop or tablet, we’ll have you filling in the blanks (quite literally) in no time.
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