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What are simulator games?

Simulator games cover an enormous expanse of topics and interest areas, so if you’re the type of person who likes to experience as many different things as possible, these are definitely for you. It’s impossible to talk about all of the options, as there are so many, but regardless of whether you’ve always wanted to try a certain sport, master a specific skill or even try a variety of different jobs, simulator games let you do it, and all from the comfort of your own home. Let say, for example, that you always fancied being a cowboy. Well, with a Wild West simulator game, you could rustle some cattle, learn how to lasso, attach your spurs and even get yourself involved in a shoot-out at high noon. At the other end of the scale, you could play surgeon for a day and diagnose problems before performing surgery. It’s all exciting and the amount of choice on offer can be attributed to the global popularity of games such as The Sims, released back in 2000. Since the first game, there have been several further game packs, with multiple add-ons and pretty much everything can be taken control of. You can even send your characters to university now! Ideal for anybody that has a yearning to either see how other people live or to just try new experiences on for size, simulator games open up a whole world of possibility and here at Gamepix, we have brought an impressive collection together. All offered in HTML5, they can be played on any browser or device and being totally free and unblocked, you won’t be expected to pay anything. You'll quickly become addicted to trying your hand at new things!
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