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What are fashion games?

The release of Stardoll in 2004 saw fashion games hit the mainstream, and as of January 2016, the game had more than 400 million users. It gained popularity as a place for teens and young women to express their creativity and manage their own fashion world, as well as take part in games and challenges. Following this, Lady Popular was released in 2009 and was voted as the Best Browser Game of the Year in 2010. The success and popularity of these games led to celebrity Kim Kardashian entering the market in 2014, with her game: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, where players can increase their fame and reputation until they finally become an A-list celebrity. Fashion is an incredibly important part of modern life, and fashion games allow us to go into malls and buy designer clothes we’d be unable to afford in real life. Whether you love dressing up, styling your hair or doing your make-up, these fun, easy games allow you to unleash your creative side. If you think you have a sense of style, you can prove it with our great selection of fashion games. With a range of dress-up games that cover everything from casual outfits to high-end fashion and jaw-dropping dresses, you can transport your character from your local town to the Hollywood red carpet. Here on Gamepix, our collection of fashion games is perfect if you’re stylish or make-up-savvy. You’ll have plenty of clothing, make-up and hair styles to choose from, so you can create hundreds of looks for every occasion. All our fashion games are free, unblocked and HTML5, so there’s no need for downloads or installation. Try them today and start perfecting your look.
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