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Fashion Allows You to Explore a New World

Fashion is a way for people of all ages to express themselves. Children love to dress up and for many that continues into adult life. Online fashion games allow you to express your creativity and passion for fashion in virtual worlds. Whether you love dressing up, styling your hair or doing your make-up, these fun games allow you to unleash your creative side. If you think you have a sense of style, you can prove it with our great selection of fashion games here on GamePix!

The History of Online Fashion Games

People have always played with clothes. In the nineteenth century, children would dress dolls in paper clothing to create fashionable looks. Over two hundred years later, children (and adults) still have the same appetite to have fun with fashion—and that shows no signs of slowing down. The history of online fashion games showcases the evolution from simple dress-up games to interactive games with social aspects where players share their latest fashion creations online.

The concept of online fashion games started to emerge in the late 1990s. These early games were simple dress-up games where players could select outfits, accessories and hairstyles for virtual characters. They were often browser-based and featured limited graphics and interactivity.

As technology evolved, online fashion games started to incorporate virtual worlds and social networking into the playing experience. One notable example was 2004’s Stardoll, which allowed players to create their own dolls, dress them up and interact with other users. Stardoll quickly gained popularity and became a leading virtual fashion community with more than 400 million users just ten years after the game launched. Teens and young people found this a place to express their creativity and manage their own fashion world, as well as take part in games and challenges.

In 2014 one of the world’s most famous names entered the online fashion market. In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, players could increase their reputation with the hope of becoming a famous A-list celebrity. The world of gaming had started to mirror the real world, as the pursuit of celebrity became central to everyday life.

Fashion and Modern Life

Fashion games allow us to go into malls and buy designer clothes we may be unable to afford in real life. With a range of dress-up games that cover everything from casual outfits to high-end fashion and jaw-dropping dresses, you can transport your character from your local town to the Hollywood red carpet. Here at GamePix, our collection of online fashion games is perfect for anyone interested in clothes, make-up, brands, shoes and hair, so you can create hundreds of looks for every occasion.

The most famous fashion icon of all time is arguably not Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss, it’s Barbie. She is as important in the online gaming world as she has been as a doll. In the mid-2000s, launched a series of online fashion games. The doll’s brightly colored world was a natural fit for the vibrancy of early console games, making her one of the most popular figures in gaming.

Fashion Games at GamePix

In Blind Date, two best friends decide to do something daring: go on a double blind date! Before they head out, they need to get prepared, otherwise their evening will not go well! You need to apply make-up, lipstick and eyeliner and dress to impress! What will you wear to look as good as you possibly can?

Shoe Designer – Marie’s Girl Games is all about shoes! Similar to reality TV show The Apprentice, you are given a series of tasks! What shoes will you design to go to brunch with friends? A panel give you marks out of ten before giving you your next task. Your fashion skills and love of shoes soars as you start to increasingly feel part of the glamorous fashion world!

Ladybug Masquerade showcases the fun of the world-famous masquerade ball, where the most famous and celebrated names in the world of fashion meet, drink and socialize. Can you design the right costumes, masks and outfits for the upcoming Masquerade Ball?

Fashion Games are for Everyone!

If you love fashion games this is the place for you! Teenagers have always aspired to be surrounded by beauty and the latest brands. Younger children love online fashion games for the fun and simplicity. Fashion isn’t just about beauty. With our fashion games at GamePix you can dress up cats, dogs, cars, homes and even bathrooms! There are seasonal variations too, so when it’s a special time of year come and play our Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas fashion games!

Most importantly, online fashion games are not only for girls. We love it when boys play too! Boys have always loved fashion and long may that continue! Exploring your appearance is an important part of growing up. Even though many online fashion games focus on girls, no-one is ever excluded, and there are more boys playing online fashion games than ever! A game like Popstar Dress Up is appealing no matter your gender. Choose how pop stars will dress. Be as silly or as sophisticated as you like—maybe you’ll choose a crisp white shirt and tie or if you’re in the mood how about a sailor hat and shades! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, which is why we know there are fashion games here for everyone.

What You Need

If you’d like to play fashion video games, the selection we have right here is a great way to do it. Like all of our online games, they’re free to play and work on any device with a browser, so you’ll be able to enjoy them whatever you’re using. If you’re looking to play with fashion, whether it’s make-up, clothes, shoes or dogs, GamePix is here for you!


Are online fashion games suitable for young children?

They are! Although some are aimed at more mature audiences, most of our games are designed to be enjoyed by young children. Choose what a Princess wears in Young Princess Laundry Day or decorate a unicorn from a choice of colors, eye lashes and blushers in Unicorn Beauty Salon!

Can I share my pictures online?

You can! Most of our fashion games at GamePix allow you to save your work to share with friends, post online, print out or keep for yourself. For people who love social media, designing fashion online means you always have something new to upload!

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