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What are drawing games?

One of the first things we learn to do as children is draw. It’s a fundamental part of our early development and can be incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. It’s also something that has evolved as technology has done.Many of us can thank Microsoft Paint for giving us our first taste of digital doodling, and it’s not only PC users who were given early access to such tools. Microsoft Paint was launched in 1985, then seven years later Super Nintendo owners were gifted with the underrated gem that is Mario Paint – a game that laid the foundations for many of the games to be found for free and completely unblocked today on Gamepix.Today, the ubiquity of touchscreen smart devices has made drawing games even more popular, with the addictive Draw It and Quick, Draw! reaching millions of users in the past few years.HTML5 is a powerful platform that is perfectly placed to host the kind of games that require clean and precise control. The sheer variety of games that can be created from such simple basic components is staggering.The style and variety of drawing games run from your basic Pictionary-style games to platforming games in the style of the underrated Kirby: Canvas Curse that task you with drawing a path for your character to follow. There are even games that specialize in the use of color and ask players to use their drawing fingers (or stylus pens) to color in certain shapes.If all that sounds a little much, some games simply give you a blank canvas and the option to draw whatever you like. For creative individuals, that might just be the best game of all.Whichever drawing game takes your fancy, Gamepix is packed full of them and is ready and waiting to bring your artistic side to life.
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