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What are sword games?

In the 1990s, classic titles like Samurai Shodown, Bushido Blade and Die by the Sword put sword games on the map. Now, the graphics in modern sword games like Dark Souls, For Honor and Devil May Cry 5 help gamers feel like true swordsmen. Heroic quests involving swords have long been a favorite of gamers and some of the swords from these games have gained their own cult status. The Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda franchise was one of the first to gain legendary status, as the sword was drawn to heroes who had earned the right to wield it. Over the years, other franchises such as Final Fantasy have also released titles with iconic swords, such as the Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII and Excalibur II in Final Fantasy IX. We all like to feel like a hero from time to time, which is why we love sword-fighting games. Although sword fighting is most prevalent in role-playing games, other genres also allow you to test your bravery and your skill with a blade. Many of these games also start easy so you can get used to handling your weapon, before presenting tougher challenges with each level. You may even get to upgrade your sword as you go. Here on Gamepix, you’ll enjoy free, unblocked HTML5 sword games that you can run on any browser or device. Our extensive selection of sword games lets you try the classics and also the best modern games. With simple gameplay and lots of fun to be had, you may find that you end up playing our sword games for hours. Who knows, you may end up saving a princess, defeating some baddies or battling a monster along the way!
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