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What are motorcycle games?

When it comes to high-octane motorsport, it’s difficult to beat the thrill of two wheels. Motorbikes have been a staple of action movies and video games for decades. They allow for crazy manoeuvres, power-slides and death-defying stunts.Video games allow us to enter the world of motorcycles without risking our health! Sega launched Hang-On in the mid-1980s, pioneering pixel-scaling in the process. This technology allowed pixel-based assets to grow as they got nearer the camera, which made for a pioneer of 3D graphics, even if the real thing didn't arrive until years later.Hang-On spawned a sequel, Super Hang-On, which arrived at the arcade, and later on the Genesis. At around the same time, EA came out with Road Rash, a violent, street-racing bike game which allowed racers to use weapons on one another (that the Grand Theft Auto series would successfully imitate). Eventually, bike games took a leap into the future with the release of Probe Entertainment’s Extreme-G for the N64. Motorcycle games today are modelled after real-world motorsport, with TT Isle of Man, Ride 3 and MotoGP 19 representing the latest in quality, realistic bike action.By the time the 2000s rolled around, bikes had begun to appear in games that had little to do with racing. Elasto Mania allowed players to explore a platform setting on their two-wheeled contraptions, collecting apples on the way towards a flower-shaped end goal. The game has proven popular thanks to its combination of simply gameplay and outrageous physics.Whether you’re looking to play a detail-focused racer or a wacky platform adventure, the chances are good that there’s a bike game here to fit the bill. They’re all in HTML5 and free to play, meaning that you’ll be able to catch a slice of motorbike action, whatever device you’re using.
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