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What are ball games?

Ball games have been a part of our culture for generations. Whether it's football, soccer, baseball or basketball, they have always been there to occupy us and entertain us. They were also some of the first games that developers turned to when the first video games were created.In fact, the very first video game was a ball game – Tennis for Two was developed in 1958 for an old analog computer, with the image displayed on an oscilloscope. It was a pretty rudimentary video tennis game but it proved remarkably popular among those who got to play it.Almost 20 years later, Pong kick-started gaming culture with its addictive reimagining of ping-pong and the rest is history.Today, ball games of some description are released every day as they are easy to programme, easy to pick up and surprisingly tough to master. In recent years, they have moved beyond the realms of simple recreations of popular sports, too. And many of the HTML5 ball games you’ll find here on Gamepix play more like platform games and puzzles than sports games.The physics of a ball make it the perfect central focus for any video game and those physics have been tested by ambitious developers across the globe. It also lends itself well to the kind of quick-fire gaming experiences we provide.From games that see you navigating a ball through a tricky maze in the style of the classic Super Monkey Ball to games of chance, games of great platforming skill and, of course, the very best snooker, pool, soccer and tennis games that everybody loves, it’s all there, completely free and unblocked.So, whichever kind of ball game takes your fancy, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
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