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What are number games?

We were all brought up on number games – from the games we’d play as toddlers when first learning to count to the hours we spent on Minesweeper in our lunch breaks in the days before smartphones.The popularity of simple number games on mobile devices first came to fruition in the modern age with the success of the addictive Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training game for the Nintendo DS, which was first released in 2005 when the iPhone was a mere glimmer in Apple’s eye.The concept of using your hands to interact with simple but genuinely puzzling number games really took off and resulted in one of Nintendo’s most enduring hits.Fast forward a decade, and now that the majority of people own a smartphone, number games have found their natural home. From fun and relaxing games to waste a few minutes while waiting for a bus or train, to more elaborate and exciting puzzles to give your brain a workout when you’re feeling the need to push yourself.For children, number games are great – they are fun and also educational. The more time kids spend with numbers, the more naturally they will take to math and science as young learners.If you only have a few minutes to spare, or you’re looking for a selection of games to ease your kids into the world of numbers, Gamepix has you covered. Our site plays host to a variety of number games, all of which have been specially coded in HTML5 and can be played on any browser and any device using a conventional mouse or just your finger.Our games are all free and are all fully unblocked so you won’t find any levels hiding behind nasty paywalls. If you’re looking for the very best number games, you’ve come to the right place.
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