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Stickman Prison Escape Story 3D

What are stickman games?

This section of Gamepix is devoted to a unique style of gaming: the stickman genre. While stick-figures have been drawn for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until recently that they have found their way into interactive entertainment.The online Flash-game explosion of the early 2000s saw the rise of a new, stripped-back form of animation, featuring stick-thin protagonists. These games and short films deliberately toned down the graphics, allowing animators and developers to concentrate on creating the most fluid animation possible. The result was a unique new style that has retained fans to this day.Among the earliest proponents of this style was the Chinese animator Zhu Zhiqiang, whose Xiao Xiao series enjoyed tremendous popularity from 2001 onwards. Influenced largely by Hong Kong martial arts films and The Matrix, these short films saw the eponymous Xiao Xiao do battle with hordes of stick-figure combatants. The style of the artwork allowed for tremendous amounts of violence to occur while still maintaining a slapstick, humorous tone. The second entry to the series added interactivity; the fourth became a shooting game.The simplicity of the design meant that huge amounts of content could be generated by just a single artist. And the game has since spawned legions of imitators, some of them sticking close to the same formula, others taking the stick-man style of animation in entirely new directions.In this section of the site, you’ll find our range of stickman-powered games. They come in a range of genres, but they all have one thing in common: they feature simply drawn heroes right at the centre of everything.All of the stickman games you’ll find here are powered by HTML5, which means that you’ll be able to play them on just about any device capable of displaying a web-page. There’s a tremendously varied assortment of unblocked games to choose from, and they’re all free to play!
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