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What are soccer games?

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. It’s enjoyed in just about every country on the planet, and there are more than a quarter of a billion people who play it regularly, including thousands who play professionally. On top of this, there are also people who play soccer via their computers and games consoles from the comfort of their armchairs. Over the years, there have been hundreds of video games that bring the soccer experience into the home.Among the first proper soccer games was Match Day, which was released in 1984 by Ocean Software for the ZX Spectrum. It allowed players to dribble, pass, and take throw-ins and corners, as well as free kicks and penalties. Sensible Soccer for the Amiga changed things with its zoomed-out perspective. But the game that really transformed the genre was FIFA International Soccer, launched in 1993.It wasn’t until FIFA 96 that EA Sports secured the licence to use real player names – and they’ve never looked back. FIFA games remain intensely popular to this day, despite some stiff competition along the way from rival offerings like Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer.Modern soccer games don’t just allow you to play soccer – they also provide insight into behind-the-scenes action at soccer clubs. Modern soccer management games like Football Manager are part of a long tradition of database-driven games of this sort.Here at Gamepix, you’ll find a raft of free-to-play HTML5 games based around this hugely popular pastime. The unlocked games here range from specific parts of soccer to wackier combinations of soccer and other popular games. Whichever style of soccer you’re looking to play, there’s a free game here that’ll match it. Why not give one of them a try?
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