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What are math games?

Math is something that all computers rely on, and it’s something that forms the basis of a range of games. Role-playing games require math: you need to be able to keep track of all of your stats and hit points in order to progress your character. And any game which involves physics simulation requires a little bit of math to calculate where projectiles are going to fall.Sometimes, all of the arithmetic is hidden behind sophisticated graphics; other times, the numbers are pushed to centre stage, where they become the stars of the show! HTML5-based math games are a great way to build up your brain, but they’re also fantastic fun in their own right.Of course, games that involve numbers predate computers. Many of the most popular card games, like Blackjack, only work if you can count. And then there are popular numbers-based reasoning games like Sudoku – which work fantastically well in our browser-friendly, unlocked HTML5 format. It takes real practice to be able to conquer the grid, especially when you’re playing on advanced difficulty. The online version of the game can be played anywhere, whether you’re just looking to kill a few minutes, or you’d like to settle down for a lengthy session.There have been several puzzle games over the years that have promoted math to the forefront of the action. Gamers might remember Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training on the Nintendo DS. It was a fun way to learn basic arithmetic in just a few minutes each day! Whatever variety of math-based game you prefer, you’ll find something stimulating in the Gamepix library. Our HTML5 math games work on any device and any browser, making them accessible for all. Once you’ve spent a few hours with them, you may find that your math skills have improved noticeably!
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