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Math games are designed to provide a unique blend of fun and education to the player. The overall aim of math games is to ensure you are enjoying the game while improving your number skills at the same time.

Over the years, a huge variety of math games have been created with that same balance of fun and education at their cores. The only difference is the sheer amount of genres and game types available for you to play. If you’re looking to sharpen your math skills while having fun, all of the GamePix collection of math games were developed with that in mind.

Math in Every Game

It’s important to note that math doesn’t just exist in math games. It also plays an essential part in basically every video game ever made. Picture your favorite game, or the kind of genre you might enjoy, and it’s guaranteed that math played a significant part in making everything work. On a base level, games wouldn’t be able to function nor could you play them as intended without numbers working their magic in the background.

If you’re playing an RPG for example, math will dictate whether or not a spell will hit its target, as well as how much damage that will be dealt from an attack. Alongside this, math is the tool that keeps track of your stats as your character progresses. In shooters, damage will be calculated based on what area of your opponent you’re attacking, as well as the kind of weapon you’re using. In platformers, the game will be working out your trajectory as you leap across a stage to figure out if you’re able to stick the landing or not.

In fact, any game that involves some form of physics relies completely on numbers to keep the player experience consistent and rewarding. Whether you’re launching a projectile, freerunning across a building, or letting off a powerful attack to push away your opponents, math will be running in the background. This way, you can be assured that the game world you’re immersed in has its own form of logic. If you throw a rock twice in the exact same way, it would likely break your immersion if the second rock ended up half a mile away from the first! This is exactly why math is used in games; to make sure the world’s reaction to your action makes sense.

In short, math is a necessary component of every game, no matter what kind. It usually runs in the background, completely out of sight. However, in math games, the numbers take center stage and become the main focus of the player experience! You’ll be a number pro once you take on the challenge of these online math games. You’ll also discover just how much fun blending numbers with games can be!

Classic Number Games

Math games, as well as video games as a whole, are predated by traditional number games from centuries past. Before computers were around to aid us with complex calculations in game development, most games available were math-related in some way. The most popular of these classic games were:

  • Card games,
  • Board games,
  • Number grid games, such as sudoku.

Math isn’t just related to these classic pastimes either. It has actually been essential to some of the oldest types of games in history, including card games. Some of the most famous traditional card games, like Blackjack for example, require a good understanding of numbers in order to play them. However, Blackjack is one of the simpler card games. A greater knowledge of numbers is needed when moving on to other, more complex games such as Poker. Once you’ve honed your number skills here, it’s worth noting that GamePix has a whole host of card games too to test out your newfound skills!

Another traditional type of math game is number grid games, such as sudoku. These games are unique in the fact that they are entirely number-based. One of the best ways to improve your math skills is with these grid puzzles, which are potentially the very first in the math games genre. In sudoku, your goal is to fill the grid so that each column, row and 9x9 box contains every digit from 1 through to 9. It may sound complicated on the surface, but once you’ve tried your hand at a few puzzles, it’ll become second nature to you. If you’re looking to be a number expert, you’ll find a great selection of number grid games, including plenty of sudoku variants, here on GamePix!

You might be looking for something more traditional adapted from classical games, like these card and grid games. Or you may prefer to play more modern titles that still strike that same balance between education and excitement. Whatever way you want to build on your number skills, you’ll never be lacking for variety with the GamePix library of math games!

Math Mania

It isn’t just at GamePix that the math game craze has remained popular. Over the years, many math games have been developed for modern consoles. In some cases, these games have been listed among the most popular of a console’s lifespan.

The Nintendo DS, an explosively popular handheld device released in the 2000s, hosted an array of math games that were widely played during the console’s height of popularity. One particularly popular game is “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day”, a 2005 title that was based around Ryuta Kawashima’s work in neuroscience. In this game, you can play through a huge selection of sudoku puzzles, as well as complete number exercises designed to aid with memory and mental math skills.

Nowadays, you can find the same type of brain-teasers and math games in the form of online browser games!

Become a Number Pro at GamePix!

No matter what kind of math games you prefer to play, GamePix has got you covered with a great selection of online browser games! All of our games are available to play on any device and on any browser, so you’ll be able to train your brain at home or on-the-go. Spend some time on the GamePix collection of online math games and you’ll be on your way to becoming a number pro!


Are math games free?

Here on GamePix, all of our math games are completely free-to-play and accessible on any device or browser! You can jump in and hone your skills whenever you want to.

Why are math games still so popular?

Many gamers enjoy the fun, engaging gameplay of math games, as well as the opportunity to improve their math skills. With a variety of titles ranging from tried and true classics to brand new twists on the learning game formula, GamePix has more than enough variety to keep you coming back for more!

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