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A Hairdresser’s Dream!

Welcome to the hairdresser games section of our website! It’s in this part of our site that you’ll find all of our incredible online hairdresser games! From cutting, styling and coloring hair, you will discover all of the aspects that make hairdressing games such fantastic fun. You will also learn that all of our hairdresser games provide a slightly different way of styling hair! If you love hairdressing and everything it involves then look no further than hairdresser games to get your styling fix!

Whether it’s acting as a hairdresser for high school prom makeovers, styling and cutting the hair of glitzy Hollywood stars or trimming and fixing an animal’s messy hair or mangy fur, we have got it all! With each hairdresser game offering dozens of options for budding stylists, there’s no limit to the coiffing possibilities, except your endless imagination and all of the amazing ideas that you will have while wielding your hairdressing scissors. The best part about playing our online hairdressing games is that you will be able to do so instantly, free and right from the comfort of your screen! You don’t need to wait! Fulfill all of your hairdressing dreams right now!

From Doll Hair to Digital Hair

You might be surprised to learn that hairdressing games have not always been in the digital world! In fact, for just about as long as anyone can remember, girls have been playing hairdressing games with dolls! In the early years there weren’t many free online hairdressing games, so they had to be inventive and quite imaginative because there wasn’t much in the way of options or a vast catalog of hairdressing games like we now have at GamePix.

Back in the day those looking to play hairdressing games had to actually use real scissors to alter the look of their real toys permanently. They couldn’t simply start playing a hairdressing game like you can do now! Their dolls were changed forever so even their hairdressing games were cut too short! That seems like too much of a hassle and not that fun.

In 1969 came the first doll that focused especially on the activity of hairdressing games. The doll’s name was Crissy, from the Ideal Toy Corporation. But perhaps this doll was not that ideal for hairdressing games.

Let’s break down the doll’s capabilities and compare it to our online free hairdressing games to see which one is better;

  • Changing the length of hair: The doll allowed the child to adjust the length of her hair, using a knob on the back of the doll. As far as hairdressing games go, that seems way too complicated and not nearly as fast as clicking and changing the hair instantly like you can do in all of our hairdressing games!
  • Hair Options: The doll only had one type of hair which was actually hidden inside the body and could be cranked out and back again whenever the girl desired it. This again seems like too much of an annoyingly complicated way of playing hairdressing games. With our hairdressing games you don’t have to do anything else besides click! You will be able to have any hair option at your disposal. All choices available to you are completely different and super fun!
  • Ways to style hair: Another issue found with this doll was the fact that it only came with one style of hair. That is incredibly limiting when it comes to hairdressing and most of all the fun that comes from different choices in hairdressing games. In all of our online free hairdressing games you will never be stuck with just one style to choose from! You will have an immense and almost limitless number of styles, colors, and haircuts for your hairdressing wants and needs! Never feel the need to settle for less with our hairdressing games!
  • Easiness of use: In order to cut and style the doll’s hair you had to spend money on all kinds of expensive cosmetic products. It was messy and the clean up afterwards was not fun at all. With our hairdressing games you will never have to spend any money on expensive cosmetic supplies. Playing our free online hairdressing games is a lot less messy than the real thing. Plus, you’ll be able to do things in these games that you’d never dare or could never do to the doll’s hair and without the worry of permanently changing the hair!

We at GamePix would not want anything that complicated for you. That’s why in our amazing range of online free hairdressing games you can forget about any of that hassle or worry! Thanks to the virtual world of online free games, you can style and restyle over and over again to try all kinds of different hairdressing techniques and none of it is even permanent! Hairdressing games have never been so cool!

Hairdresser Games on GamePix

Of course, now we have much more powerful hairstyling toys and games, courtesy of digital technology which allows us to do just about anything to a virtual haircut. All of the online games on the GamePix site are available to you for free and easily accessible! Hairdresser games are no exception! You will be able to play your favorite hairdresser games and conduct the makeover you have always wanted!

Whether you are at home, at school, or on the bus these are some of the fantastic hairdresser games you will be able to play on GamePix;

  • Superstar Hair Salon: If you ever wanted to try a hairdresser game where you style and fashion actual superstars then Superstar Hair Salon is the perfect hairdresser game for you! Your ability as a hairdresser will surely outshine all of the superstars!
  • Funny Haircut: A hairdresser game where the unlimited fun of styling hair is joined hand in hand with comedy! This means that you will have double the fun of just a normal hairdressing game when you play Funny Haircut! It's not only fun, it's funny!
  • Princess New Look Haircut: The royal hairdresser game is here with Princess New Look Haircut! Fulfill your fantasy of styling the royalty of a kingdom full of fashion! You will surely be crowned for your hairdressing ability!
  • Cute Salon: Experience all of the hairdressing fun with the cuteness of cartoon characters in one package with Cute Salon! You will not be able to handle the cuteness of these haircuts nor the fun of this amazing game!

We at GamePix love hairdresser games and we know you do too! So jump in and enjoy our catalog of super entertaining free online hairdresser games right now!


Can you make a mistake in hairdressing games?

No! You will never make a mistake in any of these games! You are free to try and retry any style you want without the worry of real life hairdressing! This is one of the main reasons why our hairdresser games are so much fun!

How many styles can I try?

You can try as many styles as your imagination will allow! The sky's the limit with our hairdresser games! Go ahead and style as much as you want with any of our free online hairdresser games!

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