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What are clicker games?

Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy some uncomplicated fun that's guaranteed to leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Not many things in life can do that, but our range of clicker games can! Simplicity itself, these games require you to keep clicking a certain part of the screen, over and over again, in a bid to level up, collect more of something or complete tasks super quickly. The bonus is that you can’t lose! As long as you keep clicking, you will always be able to glean a sense of satisfaction. The only thing you need to decide is what kind of game you want to be clicking on. Food-based, coin-based or even monster-based, there are so many different styles of clicker game to choose from. The opportunity to design new and exciting variations of the same game style guarantees an almost endless supply of new and addictive adventures. Did you know that some clicker games don’t even need you to keep physically clicking? They are known as idle games and keep racking up your score, even in your absence. Now that’s a really easy win that everyone can enjoy. Here at Gamepix, we focus on your enjoyment, so bring you unblocked, totally free games presented in an HTML5 format. This makes sure that you can get online and start having fun regardless of your device or browser type, so what are you waiting for? Get clicking!
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