Surgery games

Count Down from Ten…

Now for something totally different! If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at some slicing and dicing, operation games could be for you. All similar in style to the popular 1965 board game, Operation, where the player must remove body parts without setting off a buzzer, surgery-style games give you a taste of the pressure and stress of needing the steadiest hand in the land, all from the comfort of your computer.

Doctor, Doctor

“Doctor, doctor—I feel like a pair of curtains!”
“Pull yourself together!”
That’s a funny joke, but probably not the kind of doctor anyone would want to actually see. By playing operation games, you get the chance to try your hand at being all different kinds of medical practitioners to see which hat fits you best. You’ll be able to choose from a range of different approaches. You can:

  • be a midwife for a day, helping pregnant and birthing parents to ensure their little bundles of joy arrive safely. If medical games like this sound like your kind of thing, then why not try something like Rapunzel’s Pregnancy, which lets players help the dashing Flynn Rider take care of Rapunzel during her pregnancy? Or if you’d rather help out with the final push, games like Goldie Princess Mommy Birth will show you some of the ways you can help someone who’s having a baby!
  • operate on patients, opening and closing the wounds yourself. Not for the faint of heart, operation games like these give you a bit more of a sense of what’s actually happening in an operation, and the many stages that are involved. There are plenty of these to choose from—like Anna Scoliosis Surgery, which shows you the complicated process involved in straightening the spine of someone with scoliosis. Another example is Ella Hips Surgery, which has players remove a section of a familiar character’s hip and replace it!
  • pick a specific body part to specialize in and focus on. Some doctors work on the specific areas of the body that they know best, like the eyes, skin or feet, for example. If you’re curious about what it’s like to work in this way, why not try your hand at Hand Doctor Game? See what we did there? Or you could see how you fare as a throat specialist in Princy Throat Surgery! If you’ve ever wondered how certain parts of the body work this approach could be for you!
  • try your hand at a little emergency dentistry, if you fancy it! If you’d rather work on something solid than something squishy, then perhaps dentistry games are the thing for you! Help take care of a variety of furry friends in Children Doctor Dentist, using an assortment of different dentist tools that you might recognize! Or you can help everyone’s favorite bunny cop Judy to get her teeth in line in Judy’s New Brace! Clean and polish her teeth, then add the glue to get everything in place!
  • pretend to be a vet! If you’re more interested in working with patients of the fuzzy variety then look no further! In our roster of operation games, there is also a range of different animal care games which will test your skills! Paw Care finds players taking on the role of a pet manicurist, cleaning out paw pads, trimming nails and moisturizing paws. Or if you’d rather be more of a pet medic, Kitty Doctor might be the game for you! In this cute little game, you get the chance to help kitties by taking out thorns, checking temperatures and removing boils! There’s no clientele as grateful as animals!

Sounds exciting, right? What better way to get to grips with the idea of surgery? Remember to keep an eye out as you explore the page to find your ideal operation game—you might see some familiar faces popping up! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work your hardest to make sure that your patients are comfortable and well taken care of!

Easy Does It

Whether you’re looking for a gruesome game to satisfy your curiosity, something skilled to hone your manual dexterity or a game that lets you save lives and make a difference, you can find the perfect one here on GamePix. If you’re keen to take the Hippocratic Oath and get started, then look no further! There are no expensive medical school bills here at GamePix—all of our games are completely free to play online! Not only that, but you can truly play them anywhere! All of our online operation games will work on any device as long as it has a browser and an internet connection! Whether you’re on a laptop, a tablet or a phone, get your scrubs on, your hands washed and grab your sterile tools, because it’s operating time!


Are operation games scary?

Operation games aren’t scary, but some of them may not be suitable for players who are particularly squeamish! However, not all operation games have realistic elements to them! Some are simply games where you get to help people (and sometimes animals!), without the bother of getting any medical fluids on you in the process. Whatever your preference, we want players to have a good time here on GamePix, so we have operation games to suit everyone.

Is it good to play operation games?

We’d say so, yes! Operation games can have a variety of benefits, so even though you’re “just playing games on the computer” you’re actually doing yourself some good! Here is a list of a few below:

  • Online operation games may make you more aware of some of the difficulties that other people can face, making you more sympathetic and patient with people in your real life.
  • Surgical games can really help with hospital and doctor anxieties, especially in children. If you or someone you love is having an operation or procedure it can be really scary! Playing a surgery game and getting a sense of what might happen can be very helpful as it demystifies the whole procedure!
  • Games like this could also help you with your motor skills, like how steady your hands are. It has all come full circle, really—that’s exactly what the original board game was designed to help with!

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