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What are 2 player games?

Video games make all kinds of experiences possible. Some of them you can enjoy on your own, but others are best shared with a friend. Two-player gaming has been around for almost as long as video games have, because those early AI opponents didn’t pose much of a challenge. But the two-player experience hasn’t ever gone away: there are now thousands of games geared toward challenging two gamers to work together against a series of obstacles and opponents – or pitting those same players against one another!Through the internet, it’s now possible to bring together hundreds of players into the same environment, but there’s something more intimate about limiting the player count to just two. Some of the most enduringly popular games in history are best enjoyed with the help of a willing friend. Just think of beat-em-ups like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: aren’t they much more fun when you’re fighting against a friend? And what about those classic side-scrolling shooters like Gunstar Heroes and Contra; when you’re facing off against the enemy, you want the satisfaction that comes with knowing that your buddy has got your back! Then there’s the power of split-screen, which allows us to race, shoot and outplay one another like never before.Some two-player games are more strategic. Digital recreations of popular tabletop games like chess and pool are enormously popular, as are role-playing games with intricate plots, grand themes and deep, rewarding combat. Whatever your taste in games, the chances are that there’s something out there that will help you to enjoy it with a friend.This part of the site has been devoted to our range of two-player games. Each is designed with multiplayer in mind, and, like all of our games, they’re made for HTML5, and playable on any browser or platform. Things you always find in 2 Player games Two-player gaming has actually been around for as long as gaming itself. When the first games came out in the early 1970s, the technology didn’t exist to simulate a computer opponent. To play Pong and enjoy it, another player was essential! Remember, at that time, processors were slow – by comparison, the smartphone you carry around in your pocket is several times faster than the fastest supercomputer NASA had available to them. But even when the hardware got sophisticated enough to provide the player with some competition, the thrill of having another player beside you didn’t go anywhere; some of the best gaming memories come from multiplayer GoldenEye 007 and Mario Kart sessions that went on late into the night. Similarly, gamers also came to appreciate the joys of PC titles like Quake and Command & Conquer over a Local Area Network. The internet makes it possible for games to be played over much greater distances. The modern Twitch-driven gaming community has been building steadily, and there are more kinds of game available to multiple players than ever before. For the most part, you’ll be either competing against a single opponent, or in partnership with them against hordes of computer-controlled enemies. GamePix’s Collection of 2 Player games So, what kinds of game fall into the two-player category? Well, there’s a huge number to choose from. CATS, or Crash Arena Turbo Stars, sees players compete to build the most outrageous engine of destruction (with a cat at the helm), then pit those machines against one another in a crazy carnival of death. It’s a game that combines building, investment, and on-screen mayhem in just the right proportions. Then there’s Bomber Friends, a take on the classic Bomberman games. Players compete to blow one another up in a maze of death, collecting power-ups and additional bombs along the way. You’ll need to react quickly, anticipate the moves of other players, and be ruthless in your cunning. It’s a formula that has delighted millions, and you can enjoy it right here in HTML5. As well as destruction, there are sports games to consider. Basketball Stars brings together a big-head version of the classic game, where players can compete one-versus-one to score the most baskets and be crowned king of the court. Getaway Shootout and Rooftop Snipers are two games that rely on pixel art and whacky physics to provide bout after bout of hysterical over-the-top action. With catchy soundtracks, simple controls, and the potential for unexpected results, they’re sure to enthral and amuse. Teen Titans Go! is a game that celebrates some of the DC universe’s less well-known heroes, and it’s fantastic for fans of the TV show, and of animated gameplay in general. Sometimes, two-player games can be more serious and challenging. Slope – The Game draws upon classics like Super Monkey Ball, but gives them a Tron-like 3D grid superimposed over the top. Then there are games like Ludo that incorporate everything that’s good about the card game beloved by more than 100 million satisfied customers, and crams it into a neat little digital package – with no need to worry about tidying up after the gameplay is done with. If you and your gaming buddy are looking for a game that involve dinosaurs, on the other hand, you might go for Dino Meat Hunt, a co-operative platform game where players use buttons on either side of the keyboard to control their character of choice. There’s a dinosaur dad and a dinosaur child to control, and a whole range of obstacles and prehistoric environments to navigate. Finally, Mini Golf is a pastime that entertains just about everyone in real life – but some of the ball-rolling action can be simulated just as easily on your mobile or desktop device. Take turns with a friend to putt the balls around the obstacles and into the hole in as few strokes as possible. With 18 holes to navigate, each offering a different level of challenge, this is a game that will provide guaranteed fun, even if you’re not usually a fan of golf. Give it a try in HTML5!
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