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What are tap games?

Tap games, also known as idle and clicker games, are pure simplicity. With guaranteed virtual progressions and wins while requiring minimal effort and interaction, they are the perfect games for unwinding with at the end of a long day – or starting a potentially difficult day with! Put in the most basic terms, the more you tap the mouse or your keyboard, the better you’ll do, and there is an infinite number of games you can enjoy in this format. Do you like cooking? Try one of our food-based tap games where the more you click, the more you cook and the higher your score climbs. Some games even look after themselves once you get them started and you can simply watch your virtual money or points rack up. Few things in life guarantee you a win, but tap games do. So long as you are tapping on the right element, you are improving your gaming performance and success is addictive. You’ll soon find yourself keen to try your hand at other tap games, which is great as more are always being developed and released and you’ll always find an excellent selection, right here at Gamepix. We strive to bring you the most engaging and fun tap games, all presented in HTML5 to guarantee you an uninterrupted clicking good time. You won’t need to worry about downloading any alternative software or browsers and all desktop and mobile devices are compatible too. Totally free to play and unblocked, our tap games offer as much peace of mind as they do easy fun and diversity. With a theme to suit everybody, there’s no reason to look any further for online entertainment that won’t tax the brain or lead to disappointment. You can’t say fairer than that!
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