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What are survival games?

Survival is key in most video games, whether you’re a soldier behind enemy lines or a young boy lost in a foreign forest struggling for warmth. The survival games genre is incredibly eclectic and deep, almost by design. But what is a survival game?On PC and consoles, the genre has developed a reputation as being geared towards the survive/die/repeat formula. The is highlighted in the likes of the brilliant Don’t Starve and the popular online dinosaur-island sandbox game Ark: Survival Evolved.Perhaps the most famous survival game of all, however, is Minecraft, which might have been designed as a ‘build-em-up’ but contains one of the deepest and most comprehensive survival games of recent years.Battle Royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite could also loosely be described as survival games, though they have also managed to branch off into their own sub-genre. Indeed, any game where the basic concept is to survive as long as possible can technically be referred to as a survival game.What we specialise in at Gamepix, however, is the kind of games where you can dip in and out without much fuss. These are games where you don’t have to think too deeply about strategy, but more about staying alive for as long as possible. This is true whether you’re surviving an endless stream of zombie hordes or are simply a bird trying to stay airborne for as long as possible. Indeed, the modern classic Flappy Bird could almost be dubbed the quintessential survival game!The best survival games are often those with the most simple controls. At Gamepix, all of our HTML5 survival games can be learnt in seconds but take hours to master. They are also all free and unblocked to provide 100% content with no hidden paywalls to navigate.So, if you feel you have what it takes to outlast the competition and survive almost anything (in virtual form, of course) then Gamepix is the place to be.
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