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If you’re looking for Paw Patrol games, then this is the place for you! We know that Paw patrol games — like all things PAW Patrol — are incredibly popular with the little ones. Kids just can’t get enough of those dogs-turned-first-responders!

No Job Is Too Big

If you have young children, you're probably aware of the adventurous canines of PAW Patrol. PAW Patrol is a hugely popular kids' TV show, with young fans forever eager to snap up anything even remotely related to the animated series. You can’t deny that Chase and his pack of talented pups have been a huge hit with younger children for years now, earning a place as a true classic of kids’ TV.

The Pups of PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol games are popular for the same reasons as the PAW Patrol TV show. A big part of the reason for that enduring popularity is the crew of puppies in the patrol. The original PAW Patrol roster is six dogs, with their friend and leader and Chase’s caregiver making seven characters total. Each dog has a strong and interesting personality and their own really cool vehicle. That makes the team ideally suited to videogame adaptation, as you can have a lot of different playstyles or graphical designs showcased within the same game. Any PAW Patrol game is likely to feature the members of the team and their fun personalities, as well as those distinctive vehicles!

  • Ryder is the PAW Patrol’s human pal and leader. He’s good with technology and generally really smart. He drives a red ATV which can transform into a jet ski and snowmobile.
  • Chase is Riley’s dog and the one who assembles the PAW Patrol when Ryder asks for help. He’s a loyal and capable seven-year-old Alsatian, who acts as a police dog and drives a blue police car which can change into a spy truck.
  • Marshall is a firefighter and paramedic dog. He is a six-year-old Dalmatian who is good at his job but clumsy. Marshall drives a fire truck that can transform into an ambulance.
  • Skye is the air rescue pilot of the pack. She is an excitable seven-year-old cockerpoo who drives a grey helicopter.
  • Rocky is a recycling and handyman pup, who drives a green recycling truck. He’s a six-year-old mixed breed dog who hates water.
  • Rubble is a five-year-old English Bulldog who mostly drives a yellow bulldozer and acts as “construction pup” for the PAW Patrol.
  • Zuma is the team’s water rescue pup. He’s a five-year-old brown Labrador who drives an orange hovercraft.

Each pup brings something different to the PAW Patrol itself and also, of course, to PAW Patrol games. So, whether you want to catch baddies with Chase, save the oceans with Zuma, pick up trash with Rocky, put out fires with Marshall or build a house with Rubble, there are endless possibilities, many of which are explored in the range of PAW Patrol games.

The PAW Patrol in Games

There are many PAW Patrol games devoted to the actions of the six heroic pups. Players old and young can’t get enough of the pup team working together to protect their community with the help of the tech-savvy Ryder.

PAW Patrol games could be of almost any genre under the sun. From puzzle and platform games to educational games that strive to teach the show’s young fans everything from spelling to basic arithmetic, few pop-culture characters can boast such a variety of games.

While a number of PAW Patrol games have been released on most of the modern home consoles, it’s on mobile devices and in the thriving browser game world that the crime-busting, fire-fighting pooches have come into their own as gaming icons.

PAW Patrol Games Here on GamePix

Gamepix is a service that prides itself on being able to offer free-to-play games for the whole family. That means we always want to cater to kids as much as we cater to all the adults, and we know that kids love PAW Patrol!

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Remember — no job is too big and no pup is too small for our PAW Patrol games!


Are there any PAW Patrol games?

Yes there are! You know how popular PAW Patrol the TV show is, so it’s only natural that PAW Patrol games have been made for the legions of young PAW Patrol fans out there! PAW Patrol is a great show to be made into a game — it’s fun and kids love the seven members of the patrol, so always enjoy playing as them. Here on GamePix, all of our PAW Patrol games are completely free-to-play and work straight out of your browser without you needing to download or install anything ever.

Are PAW Patrol games free?

Our Paw Patrol games, like all of our browser games here on GamePix, are completely free. Our free-to-play PAW Patrol games will also work on any device and on any web browser with no need for you to install anything. It couldn’t be easier to play PAW Patrol games than it is right here on GamePix!

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