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What are learning games?

The right games can turn education and absorbing new skills and knowledge into something fun and enjoyable, which is why learning games are such a fantastic addition to anyone’s game playing experience. By adding an element of addictive self-competition into an activity that is traditionally relaxing and a nice way to unwind, you can unleash inner potential and intellect you didn’t know you had. Younger gamers can find learning games particularly beneficial in terms of mastering language and math skills that will prove extremely useful at school. Typing games, word puzzles, math problems and logic conundrums are all on offer and are so addictive that you’ll have completed numerous levels before you realise how long you’ve been playing, but it’s all in the name of intellectual pursuits, so no need to feel guilty! You can start setting yourself targets, or help younger players reach certain levels if you want to track your progress, but don’t forget that even failed levels have value, as they encourage repetition which is the key to learning. Maybe failing a few math games will turn you into a genius, eventually! Here at Gamepix we have made it easier than ever for you to play games, have fun and get smarter as you do so. With a large selection of HTML5 games, all of which can work across the full spectrum of browsers and devices, your games won’t be interrupted by requests to download alternative software. You won’t need to pay anything to play either, or wait for games to be unblocked, as everything is instant access and lots of fun.
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