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What are dinosaur games?

Millions of years ago, the earth was ruled not by humans, but by enormous lizards. Towering dozens of metres in the air, they ruled for millions of years – before being suddenly wiped out by an ecological cataclysm, prompted by a meteor strike. Now, all that remains of them are fossilised bones.We're fascinated by dinosaurs, so it's no surprise that so many films, books, and video games feature dinosaurs. And, given that a lot of dinosaurs were carnivorous, and some were big enough to swallow a man whole, they make for great enemies. In video games, we’ve been running away from them, shooting at them, keeping them in zoos, and even riding them, for generations.The release of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the Nintendo 64 saw a first-person shooter feature dinosaurs as a main source of threat. We’d already fought demons in Doom and alien monsters in Quake, so it was only a matter of time before dinosaurs got their turn to shine. The success of Turok prompted a wave of sequels, and other dinosaur-themed games like Dino Crisis.Even when dinosaurs aren’t a main component of a game, they still have a habit of cropping up. The first three Tomb Raider games each featured a T-Rex as a boss character. The second one required players to do battle with the king of tyrant lizards not once, but twice!Dinosaurs don’t always have to be scary. Mario’s friend Yoshi has been staring in his own games since the early 1990s, and he’s made guest appearances as a racing driver, a tennis player, and a friendly companion.Dinosaurs are a staple of HTML5 games, too. Here at Gamepix, you’ll find a range of unblocked games featuring dinosaurs – some of them as minor characters, some as the stars of the show.
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