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What are zombie games?

For thousands of years, storytellers from across the world have been scaring their audience with tales of the dead walking the earth. But it wasn’t until a few decades ago that the modern zombie, as we know it, came to be. The word comes from Haitian folklore, where it was used to describe a cadaver animated by dark magic.In modern zombie stories, it doesn’t really matter how the zombies came to be. It might have been a government virus set loose; it might have been a random mutation in a farm animal; it might have been the work of an evil wizard. What really matters, however, is that zombies are hungry for human flesh – and you had better not let them bite you!Most zombie games are horror games. Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark all feature them heavily. More recently, the genre has become more mature with narrative-focused offerings like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, and co-operative shooters like Left 4 Dead. Even games that seem unconnected to the zombie phenomenon have started to feature the living dead – Call of Duty: Black Ops featured a ‘zombie’ mode back in 2010, and the sequels repeated the same trick.Probably the most successful zombie game is Popcap’s Plants vs Zombies, a tower defence game which pits homeowners against the undead horde. Using only gardening skills, players have to repel wave after wave of shambling zombies. The game proved an enormous hit, and proved that zombies are a huge part of pop culture.Here at Gamepix, you’ll find a sizeable collection of zombie games in a range of different styles. They’re all free to play in HTML5, and so you’ll be able to enjoy them on any device that’s capable of displaying these words. Why not get started?
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