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Makeup Time!

GamePix welcomes you to our makeup games section! If you have ever wanted to become a makeup artist without any of the risk involved then this is the perfect place for you! We can’t all be makeup gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star or NikkiTutorials but that’s alright! With our free online makeup games you won’t have to! You don’t need to invest in any expensive products like the gurus do! Everything you need is free and included in all of our makeup games!

Another fantastic aspect of our makeup games is that you don’t have to go anywhere to play them! Just sit down, get comfortable and play some makeup games! If this sounds easier and way more fun than the actual thing it's because it is! And hey you never know! Your real life makeup skills might actually get better after playing our makeup games as everything might feel more like second nature. If you want to start conducting some amazing makeovers then you can start playing our makeup games right now for free!

The Makeover of Your Dreams

Imagine being able to draw on the perfect cat-eye flick with a liquid eyeliner. Now imagine doing that safely in the knowledge you won’t need to keep wiping your own eyes and making them sore every time you get a stroke wrong in the mirror. That sounds like heaven to us, and in our makeup games you can do just that! You will never make a mistake again with our range of free online makeup games! If you ever get something wrong you can just restart and try as many times as you want! No need to wipe anything down or waste any of those expensive makeup products. The products you will use in our games are as endless as the fun you will have!

But the fun doesn’t stop there if you can believe it! With all of our free online makeup games you will also have the option to dress and style your models as well! You could even start to stray into the realms of hairdressing as well if you are feeling really adventurous. Everything you need to conduct the makeover of your dreams is here waiting for you! With limitless makeup options and lots of free online makeup games you will never get bored!

Let your imagination take your makeover sessions to places never before seen in fashion! Our huge range of makeup games lets you highlight and contour to your heart’s content. With so many types of makeup brushes and makeup techniques we just can’t wait to see what you will come up with! And don’t forget that our makeup games give you the option to change your model however you see fit. From clothing to hair the possibilities are endless! You might even try some makeup techniques on magical princesses, famous celebrities and even pets!

Makeup Games on GamePix

Here at GamePix we love to have fun! That is why we have brought together a huge range of the best makeup games online all free to play! Without the need for any additional software downloads we guarantee uninterrupted hours of gameplay and fun! Any device with a web browser will work without a hitch and you won't be asked to pay for anything. It’s all free and ready to go! All you need to do is grab your blending brush and get started!

With so many awesome makeup games to choose from we know it might be a bit difficult to get started. But fear not! We have put together a list with some of our best makeup game titles that we know you will absolutely love!

If you are ready to start conducting some amazing makeovers then this is the perfect place to start:

  • Iconic Celebrity Look: Let’s say that you are a makeup fanatic and it would be your ultimate dream to be a celebrity makeup artist. Your dream can come true today with Iconic Celebrity Look! This makeup game lets you apply looks to your favorite stars!
  • Princess Rivalry: If you have ever wanted to give a makeover to a princess then this is the makeup game for you! Become a royal makeup artist and style princesses in Princess Rivalry! Remember you can never make a mistake in our makeup games when you are having fun!
  • Katie’s Wedding Day: Become the makeup artist for someone’s special day in Katie’s Wedding Day! In this makeup game you are tasked with helping the bride look perfect for one of the most important days in her life. We know you will do great!
  • Happy Cat: Make your pet look fabulous with this amazing makeup game! In Happy Cat you can apply all of your makeup skills to give this adorable pet an even cuter look! If you thought cat’s could only be so beautiful then think again!
  • Fashionista Fairy Look: Travel to the world of fairies and give them all a fantastic and magical makeover in Fashionista Fairy Look! From clothing, hair and makeup this game has got it all! Endless hours of fun all right there at the tip of your fingertips!
  • Baby Dragons: Makeup games don’t stop in our realm they expand and reach fantasy lands where dragons exist! In Baby Dragons you can conduct incredible makeovers and make all of the baby dragons look even cuter than before!

This is but a small taste from all of the amazing makeup games that we have at GamePix! Every single game is free to play right now! We hope you have a thrilling and entertaining makeover session! It’s makeup time!


Can I use a blending brush in makeup games?

Yes! You will have a plethora of brushes at your disposal! All of them are free and reusable. No need to spend any money on expensive brushes or makeup products with our makeup games. It sounds too good to be true, we know.

What if I make a mistake when applying eyeliner?

Don’t worry! You will never make a mistake with our makeup games! They are all designed to be played over and over again. You can come up with as many combinations as your imagination will allow! If you feel like you want to try something new or different you can! Simple as that!

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