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What are brain games?

The best reason to play the HTML5 games we provide here at Gamepix is that they’re great fun. Whether you’re looking to kill a few minutes on a train, or settle down for a longer session, we’ve got a game that’ll help you to do it.But certain games do more than entertain; they’re designed to help improve your brain power. Games of this sort are driven by the theory that the brain can be developed through exercise, much like building a muscle through exercise. Games of this sort will help give your mental faculties a good workout, and they’re fun, too!Perhaps the biggest success story of the brain-training craze in the mid-2000s was a collaboration between Nintendo and Professor Ryuta Kawashima, whose brain-training book had taken Japan by storm. The first Brain Age game hit shelves in Japan in 2005, and elsewhere in the world the following year. The game’s success inspired a string of adaptations, including a sequel on the DS, and another on the Nintendo Switch.Brain training games feature mathematical challenges, Sudoku boards, and other mini-games based on neuroscience experiments. To get the best from these games, you’ll want to play them for a short while every day – much like exercise for your body!You’ll find many different brain games available to play in this section of the Gamepix website. They come in HTML5, and are playable on a range of different platforms and browsers. Whichever device you’re using, there’s always an opportunity to train your brain; why not give it a try now, and see how smart you really are?
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