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What are dress up games?

Dressing up in different clothes is something that many children do for fun. It’s a way of exploring how to radically alter our appearance with just a few changes. For many of us, the appeal of this doesn’t really go away as we get older. We might spend hours at the mall trying on loads of pairs of jeans before eventually deciding that we only want two or three.Toy makers like Mattel recognized this stuff long ago. It’s the formula around which successful brands like Barbie and Bratz are built. And it isn’t just girls who are in on the dress-up action. When it’s a special occasion, like Hallowe’en or Comic Con, we can all be persuaded to put some effort into what we wear.Video games provide a convenient and simple way to play at dressing up. A digital wardrobe can have as many different outfits inside as there are combinations of pixels available. Some of them might be sensible and straightforward; others might be so out-there they couldn’t possibly exist in the real world.In recent years, the makeover genre has exploded in popularity. These are games that allow the player to dress their character in every combination of clothes possible. You might go for something Gothic, with lots of black, or something bright and eye-catching. The appeal of these games lies in the fact that anything is possible – but that doesn’t meant that everything will look good! As the player, you’ll need to use your judgement to avoid a fashion faux pas. These HTML5 games allow you to pay dress-up from wherever you are in the world, on any device that’s connected to the internet via a HTML5-enabled web browser. They’re free to play and completely unblocked, meaning that everyone will be able to enjoy them! Things you always find in Dress Up games The controls in most dress-up games follow a similar format. Drag items from a wardrobe onto the character you’re beautifying. Select the items you think will best match with one another, and earn points in the process. Games like this are popular for several reasons. Firstly, they’re easy to pick up – just about anyone can get started with one of these dress up games, and form a solid impression of what’s expected in the first few minutes. Secondly, they offer a huge amount of depth and replay value. Once you’re done with the game, just refresh the page and you’ll restart from the beginning, allowing you to discover entirely new wardrobe combinations. Many of the games listed here don’t just stop at dresses, pants, and shoes, either – after all, there’s no point in dressing like a high-class fashionista if you don’t have a hairstyle to match. Most of the people who play these games end up following the widely known rules of fashion. Certain color combinations, like green and yellow, or orange and purple, work well together, but others will produce garish clashes! Learn your color theory and you might have a great idea of what’ll work before you get started. But perhaps the more fun approach is to simply throw clothes together and discover what works for yourself. That way, you might discover some unexpected successes! GamePix’s Collection of Dress Up games Become a Fashion Designer is a game that does exactly what it promises: it lets you become a high-class fashion designer! Dress your model in a range of outfits from the wardrobe. There are billowing formal dresses, minimalist ones, and dresses you might wear to a job interview. In this game, you’ve got the freedom to decide exactly how you’d like to proceed. In Fun Summer Holiday, you start the game by picking a destination from a spinning wheel. You might end up in the Maldives, Miami, or Hawaii, or in a mystery location. Packing for your vacation means finding room for three different outfits. The main color-matching work here is done for you, so you can experiment safe in the knowledge that you aren’t about to produce anything truly embarrassing. SuperStar Kitty Fashion Award departs a little from the traditional fashion-game formula, in that all participants are human-proportioned cats rather than human beings. Nevertheless, creatures like this need to look their most impressive, and that means being dressed up in the latest designer ensembles. If you’d prefer to focus on make-up, then why not take a look at Geisha Make Up and Dress Up? This is a game with a distinctly Japanese flavor, centering around a geisha rather than a fashion model. You’ll start by applying white make-up to the entire face, then moving in to accentuate certain facial features, in that unmistakable geisha way. Certain games in this category carry an unmistakably royalist theme. Your Queen Destiny and Princess Curse probably fit this bill. In the former, players must first answer a string of questions – depending on your answers, you’ll unlock different make-up and clothes for your would-be monarch. In the latter, you need to help a cursed princess return to her former beauty, following an unfortunate incident with an irate witch. As well as more generalized dress-up games, we have distinctly themed ones. If you’re feeling festive, and you’d like something with a distinctly Christmas theme, we have Christmas Girl Dress Up, which follows a little girl dreaming of her perfect Christmas-themed outfit. It’s your job as the player to make her Christmas wish come true! Lady Popular is a more traditional dress-up game, which allows players the freedom to dress their model up in whatever way they like. You’ll even have the option of switching to an entirely different house, so that you can match the decor with your outfit! Finally, there’s Princess Hair Spa Salon. This is a game that gives you the opportunity to make up your princess in whatever way you like, with a range of salon-inspired tools at hand to help you get the job done! Do the job well, and the princess is sure to be pleased with you – so proceed with care!
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