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What are christmas games?

Christmas is, as we all know, the most wonderful time of the year. For gamers, this is true mostly because there are so many games to play, and there’s time off work and school to take advantage!The festive season has been a feature of surprisingly few video games over the years. Most of the time, Christmas games are adaptations of festive films. The Genesis version of Home Alone was an interesting survival crafting game in which Kevin had to protect the family home from the Wet Bandits. Then there was The Nightmare before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge, which was a Devil May Cry clone modelled after Tim Burton’s classic film.In 1994, Sunsoft released Daze before Christmas in Australia and Europe. The game sees players take control of Santa Claus as he struggles to recover Christmas gifts stolen by a rogue snowman. More recently, there’s a stealth game called Secret Santa, by Daniel Jonathan Bourke, a pixel-art game in which Santa Claus must navigate around a range of lethal traps en-route to delivering presents to the nice children and coal to the naughty ones. With the help of internet connectivity, many of today’s online multiplayer games feature Christmas-related paraphernalia. World of Warcraft fans have always been logging in at Christmas time to enjoy a range of seasonal quests and items.Christmas games can come in as many different styles and shapes as any other game – you just have to add some twinkling sleigh bells and some Christmas trees. As such, there’s no shortage of classic games that have been adapted to fit the mood of the season.This part of the Gamepix site is home to our selection of Christmas-themed games. Each of them is presented in HTML5, which means that you don’t need to download any special apps, or create an account: simply select a game and start playing! It’s a perfect way to spend a few hours over the festive period.
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