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Skill Games

What are Skill Games?

Skills games don’t deal with action or adventure or complex storylines. They’re made to test and build simple skills, and require a great sense of timing and button dexterity. Make one wrong move and it’s game over! Gaming and skill have been inseparable for far longer than computers have been around. To succeed in chess, poker, darts and bowling requires practice and dedication. Planning, observing and quick movements of the fingers: all these things pave the way to success. Even games that might seem random, like dice games, often require careful decision-making. As computers became powerful enough to run games, simple skill-based games made the move over to the arcades. With new machinery available, more complex games could be developed. Some were based on existing experiences: there were digital versions of chess and solitaire quite early on. Other games were entirely original. In Space Invaders and Galaga, the player had to blast wave after wave of approaching aliens. To survive, they’d need to avoid getting hit while going on the attack at the same time. Never before had hand-eye-coordination been tested in this way – and gamers couldn’t get enough. Nowadays, a very wide variety of skills games are available. There are games that test muscle memory, those that test puzzle-solving ability, and those based on simple physics. Be prepared for a challenge: but one that gets more manageable as the player’s skill improves. Build and test those gaming skills using the HTML5 skill games you see here. They’re made to be played on any device that can run a compatible web browser, and can be enjoyed at work, at school, at home, or on the train. All that’s required is the patience to put in the practice. The fun that comes along the way will make it all worthwhile!
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