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What are Management Games?

Management games allow you to test out those creative and problem-solving areas of the brain that fast-paced arcade experiences can’t access. The best of them command a player’s attention for hours on end. They allow that all-important sense of progress and achievement that comes with creating a system that works nicely, and the sense of importance that comes with being in charge! Now, there are several different kinds of game that involve management. You might be put in charge of a restaurant, a farm, hospital or sports team. You might be competing against the clock to treat incoming patients, or handle orders in a pizzeria. The most popular sub-genre where casual gaming is concerned is time management gaming, where you’re against the clock to deliver a service. The first game of this sort arrived in 1983 with Tapper, which gave rise to Diner Dash two decades later. Depending on the exact kind of game, players might find that many of the management skills are applicable to real life, and that having spent some time playing these games, they’re better equipped to deal with the challenges the real world dispenses. Of course, this isn’t always how it works – but even if you don’t learn anything, you’ll still have had great fun dealing with those pesky organizational problems, and creating a system that works nicely. All of the management games we provide, just like the rest of our games, are available in HTML5. That means you’ll be able to delve into them on any device, without having to worry about downloads or installations. Wherever you are in the world, here’s the place to be if you’d like a slice of management gaming – so why not open up a game and get started?
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