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Managing For The Fun of It

Management games are the perfect example of the magic of games. They show us the power of games to make work feel like fun. After all, most management games can feel pretty similar to some parts of your day job sometimes, but you still love them anyway. Maybe it’s because management games let you test out the problem-solving areas of your brain in new and creative ways. Management games do this by re-framing the sort of thing you think about at work and making it into a fun, no-pressure challenge.

When they get it right, management games can feel like alchemy! The best of them can easily command your attention for hours on end, keeping you totally engrossed in the sort of details that would really bore you in real life! Good management sims provide that all-important sense of progress and deep satisfaction that comes with creating a system that works perfectly — along with the even deeper satisfaction that comes from being the one in charge!

Talk To The Manager

Management video games have been around since games began. Like anything with a history that long, they have developed in lots of directions, sprouting different-flavored sub-genres, each with its own story and distinctive features. Listing every one of them would take all day, but here are some of the types of management game and game scenario to give you a sense of how big this genre is;

  • You might be put in charge of a restaurant, organizing who does what and where, racing to get the orders prepared and out of the kitchen before your customers get impatient. It’s a classic fast-paced management scenario that can be incredibly engaging. Sometimes you’ll be in the role of the kitchen staff, prepping ingredients and monitoring all the recipes you have underway, normally all at the same time! Alternatively, you might be the actual manager of the eatery, making sure you have ingredients ordered, equipment ready and the staff you need on hand. Whatever the specific role, you know restaurant management is going to suck you in. It’s compelling drama, as all the chef shows on TV demonstrate!
  • A farm management game will see you taking on the role of the head farmer on a farm. In most farm sims, you’ll be handling the day-to-day care of the crops and any animals you might have. You’ll also usually be making the bigger decisions on the farm — what land to improve, whether to expand or change how you use some of your fields, whether to invest in new machinery or new crops… the list never ends so you’ll never be bored in a farm manager game!
  • Another classic setting for the genre is the hospital management game. In hospital management games, you’ll be competing against the clock to treat incoming patients, as well as allocating your doctors and nurses to each case so as to make the best use of their expertise. There are also the long-term decisions to think about — new wards and diagnostic equipment, adjusting ward size to deal with seasonal illnesses… it’s another manager sim that will definitely keep you occupied!
  • Perhaps the most classic management sim is the sports management game. Sports managers have been popular since forever. They were some of the first games to exist and the earliest ones were just digitized versions of card-based tabletop sports manager games. These days, sports management games are some of the biggest titles in video games. Think of FIFA or Madden and you understand the popularity of sports management sims. These games allow fans to answer the most tantalizing question: what if?
  • Maybe you want your management a little more fun and low stakes? If so maybe you’d enjoy a pizzeria management game. It’s restaurant management stripped back to its essentials and a lot of fun!
  • City planner — another classic of the genre, city planning is the perfect example of a job that is a lot of fun as a game. From the most-imposing skyscraper to the lowliest sewer, working out the perfect way to plan and run a city never gets old!
  • A relatively new sub-genre, tower defense games are management games at heart. You’ll love their accessible blend of management and combat — we all do!

The Oldest Manager

Manager games are a kind of time management gaming where you’re racing against the clock to deliver a service. The first game of this sort arrived in 1983 with Tapper, a game where you were serving drinks on a forced perspective series of bars, trying to earn tips, gather empties and serve your customers before they got mad and threw you down the bar!

Managing to Manage

Depending on the exact kind of game, players might find that many of the management skills they hone in the game are applicable to real life. Certainly management games make you think about the best ways to do things — they make you realize how easily a small inefficiency in a process can lead to big dip in results.

Having spent some time playing these games, you may find yourself better equipped to deal with the challenges the real world dispenses. Of course, this isn’t always how it works but even if you don’t learn anything, you’ll still have had great fun dealing with those pesky organizational problems and creating a system that works smoothly.

Management Games Here on GamePix

We have a phenomenal range of management games available right here, for free, on GamePix. All of the management games we offer, just like the rest of our games, are available as browser games. That means you’ll be able to dip into them from any device without having to worry about downloads or installations. Wherever you are in the world, this is the place to be if you’d like a slice of management gaming — so why not open up a game and get started?


Are management games difficult?

They can be very difficult! A really good manager game, on its hardest difficulty, will stretch the cool of even the sharpest wannabe manager! Management sims are designed to make you think efficiently and come up with quick solutions to tricky challenges. You’ll need to multi-task, prioritize, assess and decide and you’ll need to do it all quickly! The amazing thing about management games is they take all of these things that would probably make you stressed in real life and turn them into a fun experience. You’ll find yourself happy to do for hours what would frustrate you in minutes in real life!

Can I play management games free online?

Can you? You very nearly are already! Right here on the management games section of the GamePix website we have a vast number of free management games available right now. Even better, all of our browser-based management games work on any device without you needing to download, install or pay anything, ever. From airport management sims to bakery manager games, we have a phenomenal range of free management games to suit any taste, so why not choose one and start playing today? All you need is a device and a connection to the internet.

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