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What are mahjong games?

A tile-based game that has been popular for more than 2,000 years, originating in China during the Qing dynasty, Mahjong represents a perfect blend of risk, reward, skill and chance. It’s also a game with an incredible depth that almost matches chess for sheer strategic potential.The game was originally known as 'pinyin' (which means 'sparrow' in Chinese), as the clacking of the tiles as the slotted together was thought to sound like the sound made by sparrows. There are nine types of tile to work with that are split into three categories – 'simples, honors and bonus' – and you'll need to learn how to use each if you’ll want to succeed.Mahjong has been adapted hundreds of times for various PC and gaming platforms from the early 1990s all the way to the present day. As a game of patience and strategy, however, it is far more at home on a mobile platform, where games can be played in brief windows of opportunity.The Mahjong games found on Gamepix range from simple, direct adaptations of the game to more elaborate and eccentric versions that mix up the rules and bring an element of chaos to a famously calm and reflective experience.As the game itself is quite similar in many regards to the Western card game rummy, it’s also a game that should come naturally to you once you start playing. Once you’ve mastered its many strategic styles, you will find yourself itching for just one more game.All of our Mahjong games are coded in HTML5, which means they can be played on any device and any web browser. They are also all 100% free and unblocked, so you won’t be met with any frustrating paywalls just as you’re settling into a winning streak.There is a reason why Mahjong has remained popular for so long – and now you can discover it for yourself thanks to Gamepix!
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