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What are pixel games?

Graphics haven’t always been as slick and realistic as they are now, with pixel games being a necessity in years gone by. Exploding into the gaming scene in the 1980s, pixel art was the only real option for graphics, because the hardware back then was basic, to say the least. A natural follow-on from classic 1970s' arcade game Space Invaders and the later Pac-Man, pixel games captured the imagination of a new-to-computers generation. As home hardware options began to improve, so too did graphics, meaning that fewer people were in love with the more simplistic pixel styles – that is, until the 2000s. Suddenly, pixel games were back. Why? Because they now had retro appeal. Game fans who played them first time around were enjoying the opportunity to relive those early days of home gaming, and younger generations were pleasantly surprised by how addictive, fun and immersive the games were, with storytelling more important than imagery. It all goes to show that you don’t need ultra-realistic graphics that mimic real life, because some retro fun can be just as fun, if not more so. Here on Gamepix, you can discover a huge number of pixel games that are free to play, unlocked and all offered in HTML5, so you know that they will work on your favourite device and any browser that you have installed. We’ve chosen a selection of games that will give you a wide range of experience, from truly retro options through to modern interpretations of pixel games that capture the energy and simplistic fun of the originals, but with a little modern twist. Get ready to like 2D more than you ever thought possible…
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