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What are fun games?

We know what you’re thinking – aren’t all good games supposed to be fun? Well, that’s true, but there are some games that take a while to get into, and which try to offer something a little bit more. Perhaps there’ll be an emotional hit, or a deeper meaning, or even an educational purpose that goes beyond fun.The games we’re talking about in this section have nothing to do with any of that. They’re just pure fun that anyone can pick up and enjoy without too much thought or commitment. These games tend to be more forgiving, and will try to make you laugh rather than sweat. You’ll be able to play as a range of colorful characters, and take part in a wide range of different activities – all of which are on the silly side.Of course, video games have been fun almost from the beginning: when fancy graphics and convoluted storylines weren’t possible, great gameplay and wacky character design was there. Just think about how Mario might have looked if it hadn’t been for the graphical limitations of the time. And what about Donkey Kong? Would a gorilla with a red tie have been a first choice of villain? And yet, these characters have gone on to become icons in a way that many more serious protagonists haven’t – because the truth is that many gamers prefer not to take things quite so seriously.If you’re looking to play fun games for free, then our selection is sure to appeal. Like every other game on this website, these are totally unblocked in HTML5. Consequently, you won’t need to do any downloading or installing; if you have the right browser, you can play them straightaway, whichever device you’re using. So why wait when there’s so much fun available right now?
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