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What are football games?

Football is a game which evolved from soccer and rugby, and went on to become (at least in the US) more popular than either of its parent sports. Various forms of the game were played among the Ivy League colleges using a round ball, before a player from Yale named Walter Camp decided that the game should be played with 11 players on each side, and that the rugby-style scrum should be replaced by the ‘snap’.Over the years, football fans have been able to enjoy the sport from the comfort of their armchairs, courtesy of a succession of games simulating the sport. Probably the first game to accurately represent football was the aptly-named Football for the Atari 2600 and the arcade. In this rudimentary game, players were represented by Xs and Os, meaning you had to use your imagination! By far the biggest video-game franchise to represent football is the long-running Madden series. The Madden game, whose front cover featured ex-coach John Madden himself, came out in the late 1980s. The development was nightmarish, as Madden insisted on the game featuring 11 players per side rather than the seven the creators had originally planned. The hardware of the time struggled to display so many players, and it took several years for the game to be released.The first version of the game was very basic, with the SNES version a notable improvement over the original. Madden NFL 97 for the Playstation saw the game make the switch to a 3D graphics engine, and the series has been steadily growing ever since, with new entries arriving every year to coincide with the new football season.Today, you can play our football games on any device, thanks to HTML5 technology. As long as you have a browser that’s connected to the internet, you can play all of the games listed here, without worrying about downloads or installations. Things you always find in football games Football is a term that means different things depending on where in the world you are. For most people, it’s soccer – the game made beautiful by the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: it involves kicking a spherical ball around a rectangular field, passing to teammates and shooting the ball into the goal. While the games you see here all bring their own unique twist to the formula, they’re all based on the game with which everyone’s familiar. Two teams of 11 players face off against one another. Goals are scored when the ball passes through the rectangular posts at either end of the field. The winner is the team who score the most goals. Put the ball in your opponent’s goal, and prevent them doing the same at the other end. It’s a game so simple that small children understand it, but like all great games, it demands tactical brilliance and technical skill. It’s no wonder that so many of us can’t stop watching it! The games you’ll find here incorporate different components of the real-life sport to create brilliant little distractions. You’ll find penalty shootouts, free kicks and other dead-ball situations recreated from the position of the goalkeeper or the taker. If you know about the real sport, then you’ll understand what success looks like – but the specifics will vary a little bit according to the game you’re playing. GamePix’s Collection of football games Foot Chinko brings together football, one of the world’s most popular sports, with pachinko, one of the world’s most popular gambling games. There are two versions of this unlikely crossover to be found here: the standard Foot Chinko, and a Foot Chinko World Cup variation based on the tournament held in Russia in 2018. Both games take place over a stylised version of a pachinko table, where the object is to get the ball into the goal at the bottom by bouncing it off bumpers and using the players on the board to pass and shoot. A variation of the formula comes from Brazil Cup 2014, which is soccer mixed with pinball, and takes place over an entire World Cup tournament, from the group stages to the knockout rounds and the final itself. At the more realistic end of the football-gaming spectrum we find Street Freekick 3D, where the aim is to take a free kick and score. You’ll be awarded extra points if you manage to get the ball right into the corners, which means practice and persistence will pay off in the end, and you’ll get plenty of replay value out of this experience! Penalty kicks are another dead-ball situation that’s ripe for conversion to mobile format. In Penalty Shooters, you’ll be taking penalties, with a major tournament on the line. No pressure! In Penalty Superstar, the tables turn, and you’ll be taking the role of the goalkeeper instead – with a change to be the hero at stake! Number 1 takes on the same formula – you’re a goalkeeper, or rather, a pair of gloves, tasked with anticipating and reacting to penalty kicks before they’re taken. Real Soccer is another football-based game that incorporates several different elements of the beautiful sport in two-minute rounds. You’ll use tap and swipe controls to dribble the ball, tackle and shoot. Then there’s Soccer Hero, a game where you take the role of a single player which puts you in a long running career mode. Over the course of more than 600 levels, players can progress from the academy right up to the top of the game, winning trophies and earning big-money deals in the process. It’s a formula that brings all the glamour and drama of the sport at its best! But if you’re not too concerned with what goes on in a real-world football game, you might opt for a completely outlandish version of the sport instead. In Cartoon Network’s Toon Cup 2019, you can pick from a range of beloved characters, who face off against one another on the football pitch. Who’ll emerge victorious is something that the player will have to decide, using a combination of tactics and shooting skills!
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