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What are Arcade Games?

In the years before we all had immensely powerful gaming platforms in our pockets and before we even had rudimentary games consoles in front of our televisions, the only place to get your gaming fix was the Arcade. Popularised in the 1970s by classic formative experiences like PONG and Space Invaders, the first arcade games were all about providing short, sharp bursts of entertainment and swallowing your coins. They relied on the ‘just one more go’ mentality that still permeates much of gaming culture today, particularly in the mobile market. That’s what makes arcade games so perfectly suited to the GamePix platform. These snappy, impulsive and absorbing games are built from the same basic ingredients that gave us classics like Pac-Man, Centipede and Donkey Kong. The success of arcades across the globe in the 70s and 80s began to wane slightly win the 90s as home consoles took off, but thanks to hits such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, many would continue to hit the arcades to see what was new and what was coming next. The basics arcade tenants remain to this day - get your credits, learn the rules and go. There’s no story to invest in, no complicated control to master and no extensive levelling-up system to master. It’s all about the high score and that can prove incredibly liberating for wonder gamers brought up on more elaborate and ‘slow-build’ experiences. These games remain popular today because they are so easy and fast to play. They were designed to be played for minutes at a time, after all. But today, you don’t have to keep feeding coins into the machine to carry on - it’s completely free! The flexibility of HTML5 means that our unblocked arcade games can take on several forms and that many old school classics can be easily adapted. So, GamePix can offer not only the best modern arcade games based on those original classics but many of the classics themselves. For those wishing to relive the birth of gaming and see where it all started, there is really no better option.
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