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What are monster games?

From King Kong to Godzilla, many of the lead characters we see in monster games are some of the most memorable characters in the world. Although some of these monsters are larger than life, others are incredibly scary, like the Lickers in the Resident Evil series and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. For many people, the original Resident Evil game released in 1996 set the standard for monster games. It put players in survival mode as they battled to save their friends, becoming trapped in mansions infested with zombies and other monsters. Over the years, other titles like Dead Space, The Thing and The Suffering all entered the market to offer players plenty of choice and hundreds of spooky levels to enjoy. After its release in 2018, Monster Hunter: World became one of the hottest games on the planet, with many critics rating it as one of Capcom’s greatest creations thanks to its outstanding story, great visuals and thrilling gameplay. It was so popular that in just over a year, it sold 14 million copies. Whether you’re looking to build your own monster to control or fight an unsightly beast and save the human race, our range of monster games has something for you. Players love monster games because of their fun and magical nature. They transport you to another world and modern graphics make the environments incredibly realistic. On Gamepix, all of our monster games are completely free, unblocked and presented in HTML5, so you can play them on any browser and any device. With a number of classics and the latest releases, you’ll have endless hours of fun. It’s impossible to know what weird and wonderful creatures you’ll create, encounter and battle along the way.
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