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What are educational games?

Playing games online doesn’t have to just be a fun form of escapism, as it can also be combined with learning. Turning education into an exciting way to spend some free time is basically magic! And it means you can take your knowledge levels through the roof, just by sitting back and clicking away. Don’t go thinking that educational games are only for younger gamers, though. Of course, here at Gamepix we have a range of games suitable for younger audiences, helping to build confidence with numerical and pattern puzzles, but older learners should prepare for serious knowledge bombs, too. A selection of logic, mathematic, geometric and brainteaser puzzles will expand your breadth of retained information, and you won’t even realise you’re increasing your IQ because you’ll be having so much fun. Set yourself targets and progress through different levels to add a competitive element into the mix, or encourage friends to play the same games, so you can compare scores. Either way, there are no losers when it comes to educational games, because even if you fail a level or don’t complete a challenge, you can go back, try again, learn where you went wrong and feel your brain getting bigger with every right answer. With a large selection of HTML5 educational games ready to play, Gamepix makes it quick and easy to get smarter, while having fun. All games are unblocked and free to play, so what’s stopping you from leaving the open world realms behind for a few minutes of intellectual adventuring?
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