Educational Games

Your Brain On Learning

If you like to learn something when you get a little downtime, then educational games could be just what you’re looking for.

Games But They Make You Smarter

You might think that gaming is pure escapism. Many games are just that, although you could say even those games are somewhat educational—they certainly test your reflexes… and often your patience!

Educational games go further, and they can actually teach you real world skills. The skills can be in almost anything you can imagine, from the flags of the world, to the piano, to the mysteries of alchemy. Some games might take their subjects pretty seriously while others are more light-hearted and whimsical. Educational games are a fantastic way to dip your toe into a new topic without spending a lot of time on it, allowing you to sample its flavor without losing your learning appetite!

The Magic of Gamification

Games have a magical way of making you enjoy what would otherwise definitely feel like work! You can spend hours optimizing something in a game without losing focus but it’s somehow much harder to get into the same state of mind at work on a Friday afternoon!

By making learning into a game, educational games harness the fun that we find in games. You could almost say they “trick you” into learning. Maybe you can just call it magic. Whatever you want to call it, educational games mean you can take your knowledge levels through the roof, just by sitting back and playing your way through a game.

One For The Kids

In the same way that you probably associate “learning” with “being a kid”, it’s easy to assume that educational games are only for younger gamers, or that they only teach kids’ subjects. Easy, but not correct!

The younger gamer is of course an important player group for educational games as a whole. Here at Gamepix we have a wide range of games suitable for younger players, helping to build confidence with numerical and pattern puzzles, as well as games focused on elementary subjects like spelling, basic math or how to tell the time. These games are all superb ways to let younger players practice a subject independently and in a fun way.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn

But older learners should prepare to be seriously challenged too! If you’re like most of us, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve forgotten since school. Even elementary levels of some subjects can be embarrassingly tough once you’ve been out of the classroom a few years!

Then there are the subjects that you probably never learned in the first place. After all, even the most hardworking of us can’t study everything! There’s always something you can learn, as long as you’re curious about the world.

Whatever your age, game preferences or learning goal, games are an excellent way to learn. They help you monitor your own progress by giving you feedback on your performance. They also help you feel that progress, as they are usually divided into neat levels. That strong, well-defined sense of improvement can be a game-changer if you’re somebody who struggles with feeling motivated to keep going when you study.

The Opponent In The Mirror

Setting yourself targets within a game, and checking your own progress through different levels can add a competitive element into the mix, even though you’re only competing with yourself! Educational games offer a good way to do this, letting you set yourself clear in-game goals. You’ll probably find that the high score, like a personal best, has a weirdly strong effect on you, letting you draw from a hidden reserve of energy when you think you’re spent.

Or you can encourage friends to play the same games so that you can compare scores. Competing against friends like this is a really fun way to socialize, improve and keep each other honest. It also provides the perfect opportunity for trash talk!

Either way, there are no losers when it comes to educational games, because even if you fail a level or don’t complete a challenge, you can go back, try again, learn where you went wrong and feel your brain getting bigger with every right answer. Winner, winner!

As Broad As Your Imagination

There are educational games out there to suit every learner and in almost any conceivable subject.

Many are “brain training” games in the classic sense, helping improve your abstract reasoning, with a selection of logic, mathematical, geometric and brainteaser puzzles. These are the sort of educational games that help you learn how to learn.

Other educational games will teach you more applied subjects, expanding the breadth of your retained information. These are the sort of games that teach you things… and make you a better member of a quiz team!

Whichever type of educational game you choose, you’ll find you don’t even realize you’re increasing your IQ because you’re having so much fun.

Our Selection of Educational Games

With a large selection of educational games ready to play, Gamepix makes it quick and easy to get smarter, while having fun. Among many others, we have;

  • Math games
  • Spelling games
  • Cookery games
  • Music games
  • Geography games
  • Art games

… and many more! All of our educational games work straight from any device with a web browser. You don’t need to download or install a thing. Like every game here on GamePix, they’re totally free to play, so why not leave the traditional game world behind for a few minutes of intellectual adventure?


What is an educational game?

It’s a really good question and one you can answer in a lot of ways! While some games are obviously focused on helping you improve your ability in classic, “school” subjects like arithmetic and spelling, others teach you skills in more subtle ways. Ultimately, what you think is educational depends on what you want to learn.

What games help you learn?

Any of the free online games we have here in the educational game section of GamePix will help you learn something. The range is staggering, with games that can help you understand everything from skincare to wind turbines, so the question, really, is what do you want to learn?!

What are the most popular educational games?

What are the best online games?

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