Scary games

That Freaky Feeling

Do you know that feeling you get from scary games? Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating, and you can’t quite catch your breath? You feel like you’re going to be sick or burst into tears at any second. It’s one of the most powerful feelings there is. You don’t want to open your eyes to look, but you also can’t bear to close them in case something terrible uses the opportunity to sneak up on you. It’s a feeling that some people hate so much they will go out of their way to avoid anything scary—anything that will get them leaping out of their seat. However, there’s a brave set of people out there who actively seek this fear. People who love being scared out of their wits. People who get a burst of pure adrenaline after being frightened. If you’re one of those people, our online scary games here at GamePix are perfect for you.

The Scary Game

Video games can be so much more than just distractions—they can be emotional experiences in which we become deeply invested. They challenge us, move us and even scare us. Starring in your very own horror movie offers a particular kind of thrill—often as the sole survivor attempting to escape the haunted hospital or the abandoned asylum. You're running away from the man with a knife, or the zombie trying to eat your brains. In online scary games you are usually alone—desperately trying to keep your cool as you face your greatest fears.

Scares of all flavors have been a part of gaming for as long as hard-working plumbers with mustaches and rapid blue hedgehogs–and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

The Fear Factor

From frightful films to spooky stories, terrifying TV shows to gruesome games, the horror genre is beloved by many. Some might find it baffling that their peers like to be scared, but numerous psychological studies have explored why people are drawn to the genre. The feeling of fear itself isn’t necessarily the reason why people are drawn to horror, but rather the adrenaline that comes as a result of feeling scared.

Horror, whether induced through prolonged tension or jump scares, raises the levels of fear audiences feel. This triggers the fight-or-flight response which, in turn, increases the levels of endorphins, adrenaline and dopamine in the body. Due to the entertainment factor, the body and the mind understand that you’re under no genuine threat and a sense of relief floods the body, momentarily filling you with positive feelings. This chemical reaction creates a fascinating enjoyment of horror. The pounding heart, the sweaty palms, the slight queasy feeling—all of these sensations become something you can laugh at (and subsequently want to repeat). The thrill you experience becomes addictive and, soon enough, you’re playing every horror game you can get your hands on.

The Scary Source

With all that in mind, what scares people the most in online scary games? Well, the possibilities are endless. Anything that you can imagine can be twisted and turned into something you want to hide from. Sometimes in scary games you’re fighting off aliens looking to abduct you and sometimes you’re battling killer clowns. Maybe you’re just trying to keep your brains inside your head as you run away from endless hordes of zombies. Any terrifying creature that has been written about or featured on the big screen can probably be found among these scary games.

But you’re not always fighting against a visible adversary. Sometimes the villain in your nightmarish game is your own imagination. The smallest creak or the tiniest flicker of light can have your heart racing. Maybe you’re just trying to escape a darkened room, scaring yourself witless with the terrors in your mind’s eye.

Popular Scary Games

Scares and gaming go together like Frankenstein’s monster and electricity! From the polygonal horrors of the past to the absorbing and intense VR horror games of today, the fear factor is a vital component of games looking to make the player jump out of their skin. In 1996, Capcom released their classic survival horror game, Resident Evil. Playing as various members of an elite task force, players must escape a zombie-infested mansion. The game isn’t just action and exploration but puzzle solving too—a perfect game to play if you want to get the mind ticking and the heart racing.

Is it possible, however, for a game designed to be played in only a few minutes to be terrifying? Of course it is! Just look at the incredible success of Five Nights at Freddy’s! Kids and adults of all ages will always be up for a good jump scare, and Five Nights at Freddy’s is pretty much unbeatable for providing an adrenaline kick. Originally released in 2014 as a point and click survival horror, it has now expanded into a huge gaming series.

If, however, you’re more interested in psychological scares, there are plenty of games out there for you to enjoy. Until Dawn is an interactive drama game where the player is forced to make some hard choices, each of them with lasting effects on the outcome of the story. Will you survive or will you die? It's up to you. Psychological games won’t necessarily have you jumping out of your seat, but they will definitely keep you awake long into the night.

Scary Games on GamePix

Our online scary games are sure to send a shiver down your spine:

  • If you’re looking for a nerve-racking escape game, Scary Maze Game is perfect for you! Escape from the maze, avoiding the zombies as you go. Watch out for jump scares but, most importantly, keep an eye on that clock—you don’t want to be stuck in the maze when that timer runs out!
  • Alternatively, if you’re into more action-oriented horror games, you’ll love Dead City: Zombie Shooter.
  • If you’re looking for something more spooky than scary, we have plenty of online games for you. Have a go at some terrifying art with Zombies and Skeletons Coloring—or get your mind whirring with Scary Frankenstein Difference.

Here at GamePix, we have spooky and scary online games for players of all ages. Whether you long for a jump scare or you just enjoy a spooky theme, you’re sure to find a game here for you.


Why are scary games so popular?

Lots of people love scary games because they allow them to experience danger from the safety of their own home. There's a release of adrenaline when you know there could be a jump scare at any second, which results in excitement. The body recognizes these positive reactions and relates them to the sensation of feeling scared. As a result, players start seeking out scary games in order to experience—and enjoy—the thrill of fear.

Can I play scary games for free?

Absolutely! At GamePix we have a whole range of online scary games that you can play for free! You can play anywhere, at any time, totally free of charge—all you need is a device with a web browser. So, if you’re in the mood for a scare, dip into our selection of spooky games and see how long you can last.

What are the most popular scary?

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