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What are offroad games?

Anyone can drive on a smooth, level road surface – that’s not a challenge – but those who have something a little extra and consider themselves genuine petrolheads need to test their skills in an offroad setting. That’s where real champions are made! Say goodbye to blinged-out motors as you dive into the world of muddy Jeeps, customized trucks and tyres so big they could crush a house. In fact, creating your offroad steed is all part of the fun. The crazier the colors, the wilder the suspension set-ups and the bigger the engines, the more fun you’ll have, and you won’t be limited to nice little straight roads to play on! If anything, offroading is even easier than most driving games, because if you’ve chosen the right truck, you can simply tear through obstacles instead of having to navigate around them. Grind and grunt your way around obstacle courses, looking for opportunities to perform tricks and death-defying jumps, all without the fear of real-life whiplash! And if you find yourself needing a little extra boost, some trucks offer you the option. Hit your turbo buttons and power up almost vertical climbs and soar over massive gaps, whether you’re honing about on sand, grass or regulation offroad mud. Here at Gamepix, we have brought together a selection of offroad games to test even the most courageous drivers. All offered in HTML5, they are free to play, unblocked and won’t require any additional software downloads to work perfectly. Even your device and browsers choices won’t impact your gameplaying experience, as all are compatible with our games. You know what real-life offroad fanatics say? You’ve got one life, so live it and we couldn’t agree more. It’s time to get dirty!
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