Offroad games

Dare to Challenge

Driving on a smooth, level road surface is old news—it’s been done for years and it no longer presents a challenge to competitive drivers. That's why online offroad games are so exciting. Drivers looking for something more challenging—an environment where they can truly show off and explore—need to test their skills in an offroad setting. After all, is it really a challenge to drive along a perfectly smooth street or track? Of course it isn’t! Real champions are made in nature. Do you have what it takes to step it up a notch?

The Offroad Appeal

In offroad games you can really get your hands dirty—both literally and figuratively—as you speed along the unpaved trail. Drive along (or through) riverbeds or across snow, sand or mud. With offroad games you can really sink your wheels into nature. Offroad games include both recreational drives and intense competitions with customized vehicles, so whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a leisurely driver, it really doesn’t matter! All you need is access to an offroad vehicle or an ATV and you’re good to go!

Offroad Games

Today, offroad games can be found on any platform you can think of—from your Xbox to your phone. Regardless of where and how they are played, these games have been loved by racers and gamers alike for decades:

  • In 1989, Leland Corporation released the arcade video game Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road. Several home versions were produced in 1990, and in 1991 a home console version was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, players would race each other around off-road tracks of varying difficulty. The winner would earn points, allowing them to stay in the championship, while also earning money to pay for valuable truck upgrades. Super Off Road was one of the first games where players could upgrade their vehicle—a concept that is now ubiquitous in modern racing games.
  • In 2011, Fulqrum released Off-Road Drive, an off-road racing simulation game for the PC. In the game, players take part in The Russian Trophy, Thai Trophy, Off-Road Trial and many other events in order to become number one. Players are tested in a range of weather conditions, attempting to overcome bumpy terrain and natural obstacles. There are a huge variety of off-road vehicles to choose from, as well as cross-country equipment and accessories to consider.
  • MudRunner is an off-road simulation game released in 2017 by Saber Interactive. It can be played on a variety of platforms and devices, including iOS and Android. In the game, players are tasked with driving old Soviet vehicles across unpaved roads with only a compass and a map to guide them. They are required to transport materials without depleting fuel or damaging the vehicle. Single-player and multiplayer options are available.

Offroad Game Features

In offroad games you can say goodbye to sleek, shiny sports cars. Forget about those tacky blinged-out motors—instead say hello to muddy Jeeps, customized trucks and the biggest tires you’ve ever seen! Take time to create your very own offroad vehicle, purpose-built to dominate your competition. You’ll have the opportunity to create a vehicle so intense that no one will dare to stand in your way! Building your perfect vehicle is a major part of the fun—have fun choosing the craziest colors, the wildest suspension setups and the biggest engines. And don’t forget, the reward for all your hard work is endless driving possibilities! Instead of being confined to perfect (aka boring) roads and tracks, you’ll be able to speed across any terrain you can think of, tearing it up to your heart’s content.

Despite the increased scale, offroading is actually much easier to pick up than conventional driving in video games. As long as you’ve chosen the right vehicle and picked the best modifications you’ll be able to tear through—and crush—obstacles instead of having to navigate around them. There’s no need to redirect your car when you can simply grind the obstacle down with your house-destroying wheels. Pulverize your way through obstacle courses, keeping your eye out for opportunities to perform tricks and death-defying jumps—all without the fear of whiplash or injury! In these games you can perform all of these stunts from the safety of your home—and you still get to feel every last bit of the adrenaline! If you pick the right vehicle you can also score yourself an extra boost—hitting the turbo buttons will allow you to power up, meaning you can easily make your way up almost-vertical climbs and soar over gaping chasms. Whether you’re driving on sand, grass or mud, these boosts will help you immensely.

GamePix Offroad Games

Here at GamePix we have assembled a huge selection of online offroad games to test even the most courageous drivers. Our games are free to play and are available on any device with a web browser. You can play these games whenever and wherever you want—whether it’s on the bus, on the way to work, at home relaxing in the evening or even on a study break. Our games aren’t time-consuming but be warned—they are addictive!

  • Extreme Winter Oil Tanker Truck Drive: In this online game you’ll need to maneuver an oil tanker from a parking lot to your designated destination. You’re driving against the clock but don’t rush—this game requires skill, and as soon as you fall off the icy track it’s game over. This game allows you to alter the camera angle, meaning you have a better shot at reaching your destination in one piece! As you progress through the levels you earn coins, which will allow you to upgrade your oil tanker.
  • In Monster Truck Stunt Madness you can live out your childhood dream of being a stuntman. You’ll need to complete the various tracks, pulling off flips with the truck and navigating the death-defying loops. If you succeed, you’ll rise through the levels, earning stars with each win that you can use to buy new trucks. As you race against the clock the stakes get higher and the obstacles become more difficult to conquer.
  • Real Bike Simulator allows you to choose your preferred setting from a range of different environments. The goal is to collect as many rings as you can in order to achieve the highest score—but keep an eye on that clock because you don’t want to run out of time!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our online offroad games now and choose your favorite! You can spend hours playing these games, and why not? You’ve got one life to live so get online, choose your track and get dirty!


Can I play these games for free?

Absolutely! All our online offroad games at GamePix are available to play for free. Our huge selection of offroad games can be played whenever, wherever. All you need to do is log on to your browser of choice, whether on your phone, tablet or PC. Your gameplaying experience won’t be impacted, as all online devices are compatible with our games. You don’t even need any extra software to play our games and have tons of fun!

What is offroading?

Offroading is the activity of driving a vehicle on an unpaved surface. When offroading you will find yourself driving across a variety of natural terrain, such as mud, snow, grass and sand. Offroading requires specific all-terrain vehicles in order to protect the driver and overcome the many obstacles nature provides. Offroad vehicles have stronger, larger tires with deeper treads to prevent damage and improve stability. Offroad vehicles include Jeeps, 4x4 pickup trucks, dirt bikes and dune buggies.

What are the most popular offroad?