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What are makeup games?

We can’t all be makeup gurus like James Charles, Jeffree Star or NikkiTutorials, and in a bid to get to grips with the perfect cut crease eye, you’d need to invest in a lot of very expensive products that take plenty of time to master. Or, you could sit down, get comfortable and play some makeup games! We know which sounds easier and more fun to us and hey, you never know, your real-life makeup skills might actually get better after playing a few games, as everything might feel more like second nature. Imagine being able to draw on the perfect cat-eye flick with liquid eyeliner, safe in the knowledge you won’t need to keep wiping your own eyes and making them sore every time you get a stroke wrong in the mirror. That sounds like heaven to us, and in our makeup games, you’ll have the option to dress and style your models as well. You could even start to stray into the realms of hairdressing as well, if you are feeling really adventurous. Let’s say that you are a makeup fanatic and it would be your ultimate dream to be a celebrity makeup artist. Your dream can come true today, as some of our games let you apply looks to your favourite stars. Imagine turning one of the Kardashians into a Goth for a day. Fun! Here at Gamepix, we have brought together a huge range of the best makeup games online, all presented in HTML5 to guarantee uninterrupted gameplay without the need for any additional software downloads. Your existing browser and devices will all work without a hitch and you won’t be asked to pay for anything, as all of our games are free, unblocked and ready to go. All you need to do is grab your blending brush and get started.
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