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What are cooking games?

Cookery is one of the oldest pastimes in the world. You might not think that the kitchen translates very well to the world of gaming, but the history of interactive entertainment is rife with examples of cookery-themed gameplay.In the late 2000s, following the staggering success of a handful of television shows and networks, several popular chefs got their own games for home consoles. There’s a Hell’s Kitchen game for the Nintendo DS, published by Ubisoft and featuring the voice talents of Gordon Ramsay himself. Players had to serve customers promptly and competently in order to avoid the wrath of Ramsay – and having their restaurant closed. Jamie Oliver also got his own game on the DS, which was more like a lengthy cookery tutorial than a real game. Later, Cooking Mama bought a range of fast-paced mini-games to the DS under the same package. It was so popular that it spawned a line of sequels!Following the emergence of the smartphone, cookery games exploded in popularity, with the most successful being Fruit Ninja. Players had to swipe through onscreen fruit as it gets thrown up, with extra points dispensed for multiple fruit being sliced in a single swipe. Here, we stock a range of delicious culinary experiences. You’ll be chopping and sautéing, and even trying your hand at restaurant management! Games vary from fast-paced arcade experiences to more leisurely, therapeutic cookery. They’re great for those with a passion for cookery; but even if you don’t, there’s a lot to like about our range of quality cooking games.Our games are free, unlocked, and playable on every device capable of displaying HTML5 content. These food-based ones are no exception; the only problem with them is that they’re likely to make you hungry! Things you always find in cooking games Serving up food to customers, making sure the ingredients are perfect and responding to customer complaints quickly – it almost sounds like a real restaurant! These are just some of the challenges players face in most cooking games. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, don a chef’s hat and cook up an exquisite meal? And what are the usual things you find in cooking games? Many cooking games have an element of a time limit. You’ll have to prepare food quickly and efficiently before the food goes cold or before customers get impatient and leave, meaning bad reviews for your restaurant and your cooking skills. Quick reactions and attention to the orders coming in are key. It’s not just making sure the customers get their food on time, it’s about getting the ingredients right too. Cooking games will usually provide a visual image of the food you need to make, and this is where those quick reactions become useful. Players need to quickly combine the ingredients to make the perfect order, keeping customers happy and ensuring more customers come back. Then there is the volume element to battle with. As you progress through the cooking game, your restaurant will get busier and busier. Make sure you get the orders right and serve delicious food to customers before either the time runs out or the demand for food gets so high you have to close! Cooking games not only focus on just the cooking aspect, however. With some there is an element of ‘business simulation’ mixed in. Hire staff – and fire them – to ensure you keep making profits, upgrade your food outlet with better equipment and ingredients and even buy other restaurants to build an empire. It’s a fine line between trying to increase your profits and making sure you have enough money to continue operating otherwise you might find your kitchen staff will walk out, leaving you high and dry with disappointed customers. Modern cooking games require a good memory, fast reflexes and a keen eye for all the ingredients! GamePix’s Collection of Cooking Games Everyone loves great-tasting food. The collection of games available here at GamePix will test your reflexes and your skill as a chef. Make sure to keep the great food rolling and keep customers coming back for more and more. Fancy making gorgeous-looking pizzas? We’ve got two epic pizza-making games for you to choose from. Pizza King is a humble yet addictive cooking game. The goal is simple: create tasty pizzas using eight different ingredients before the timer runs out. As you cook more of the right kind of pizzas, you get to unlock more exciting and exotic food to serve to customers. Crazy Pizza is a real challenge to master, too! Pizzas move down the screen in four columns. Players must move and match three of the tasty meals in a row in order to earn money. However, you can only move the first pizza of each row at a time, so make sure you act fast before they reach the end of the conveyor belt. The more money you earn, the quicker the pizzas move down the columns. Once the pizzas reach the end, you’ll have to close your restaurant and count your winnings. A game that’s easy to play but hard to master, Sally’s BBQ requires players to serve a slap-up meal to hungry lumberjacks. Cook, serve and clear plates to earn cash and buy upgrades to help you cook the steaks faster and run faster between tables. It’s a fantastic game that will test the limits of any seasoned cooking gamer! And chocolate lovers will be overjoyed at Chocolate Bar, a game that requires players to keep calm and carry on cooking! It’s your first day on the job, and you have to create beautiful chocolate puddings for several customers at once. Starting out with a small recipe book that expands as you earn more cash, you need to deliver the desserts before customers’ individual timers run out. Watch out, though, some recipes require more than one of the same ingredients!
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