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What are building games?

Few things feel as satisfying as building something with your bare hands, from the ground up, which is why building games are so addictive. Take a bare patch of land and create your real-estate empire while making improvements and developing your own sense of style in a bid to mark your mark on the virtual construction and architectural worlds. You can choose from a variety of building games styles, with options such as idle games being exceptionally popular, whereby you can simply keep clicking to build floors or add bricks, but what started the building-game phenomenon? Classics such as Minecraft and the more modern Lego alternatives give you limitless creative freedom to stack blocks, create worlds and dictate how they work. An incredibly popular offshoot has been the construction versions of The Sims games, but you can add extra drama by playing varieties that need you to defend your newly created empires, so there’s plenty of options to choose from and best of all; you don’t need to be able to actually wield a trowel. Real-life building skills aren’t needed here, but if you have some, you might be able to make some of the most incredible creations ever seen in the virtual world. Gamepix offers a host of building games, all presented in an HTML5 format that guarantees easy and seamless gameplay, without the need to download new or special software. Totally free to play and all unblocked for your convenience, Gamepix’s fun building games encourage you to unleash your inner construction guru and make empires that the Romans would have been proud of.
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